About the Visual Designer Picture Viewer

Picture Viewer Control
This component provides users with a mechanism to view, add, and update pictures that are attached to a record. (The picture's file is stored as an Attachment for that record.)

A user can add any number of pictures to a record, and the viewer supports multiple image file formats, including JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG. The following are some of the features supported by Aptify's Picture Viewer, which are accessible using its toolbar (shown in the example above):

  • Ability to add multiple images to the record in one operation.
  • Ability to update pictures that have already been added to the record.
  • Ability to delete pictures that have been added to the record.
  • Ability to move back and forth through pictures.

Typically, this component is added to a blank tab to display pictures associated with a particular record. This component uses the following input properties:

  • FileExtensions: This property can limit the supported File Extensions displayed by the picture viewer. It is a comma-delimited list of file extensions to check. If left blank, the control automatically defaults to check the JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG file types. You can set this property to * to allow all file types.
  • AttachmentCategory: Specifies an Attachment Category to use for all images added to a record. This defaults to blank. This category of attachments is used for viewing/storage of picture attachments associated with the record. If not specified, the attachments are not associated with a category.
  • ScaleImage (required): Determines whether the image can be scaled based on the size of the display area. By default, this property is set to True, and the control automatically resizes images to fit the display area available in the control. If set to False, the image is displayed in its native size, and scroll bars are shown if necessary.
  • MaintainAspectRatio (required): Determines whether the height/width aspect ratio of the image is maintained when it is scaled to fit within the display area. By default, this property is set to True, but it is only used if ScaleImage is also set to True.
  • BorderStyle (required): Modifies the component's border style. The default is Fixed3D, but this property also supports None and FixedSingle (these options correspond to the standard UserControl BorderStyle property).
  • ShowToolbar (required): Shows or hides the image toolbar. By default, the toolbar is shown (set to True).

See Adding the Picture Viewer to the Companies Form and About the Picture Viewer Tab for information on how users can add the Picture Viewer to a form and how to use it once it has been added.

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