About the Visual Designer Phones Control

Sample Phones Control
This component adds the Aptify phone number control to a form. This is the same control that appears on the Persons, Companies, and Organizations forms and provides a single control to manage multiple phone numbers.

See Using the Phone Number Toolbar for more information on this phones control and its available features.

Note that the entity must have one or more embedded links to the Phone Numbers entity's ID field (for example, a PhoneNumberID field) to successfully use this control. The control will be blank if you add it to an entity that does not have a PhoneNumberID embedded field.

Typically, your entity's generated form will already have one or more fields from the Phone Numbers entity. The phones control replaces these fields so you should delete any redundant fields from the form before adding the phones control.
If your entity has multiple embedded links to the Phone Numbers entity, such as a WorkPhoneID and WorkFaxID fields, the control automatically identifies the links and populates the phone number selection drop-down list according. (The drop-down list uses the Display Name for the embedded link field.)

This component uses the following input property:

  • Toolbar Indent: This property specifies how far to the right of the control the toolbar appears on the form. The toolbar is the first row of the phone control that includes the Phone Type drop-down field and two buttons. By default, the Toolbar Indent is set to 50 pixels. You can increase or decrease the indent size as desired. To align the toolbar with the left side of the phone number fields, set the indent to 0 or 1.
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