Packing "My Changes" Enhancement

The Aptify Configuration Migration (CM) utility assists developers in moving entities and metadata from one environment (the source) to another (the destination). This utility provides tool for packing and unpacking of entities and metadata and upgrading existing entities with best UI experience.

The CM Tool can also be used to move organization-specific entities and metadata from one server to another.  You can choose which items to pack from the source database and unpack them on the destination database, all within the same GUI interface. For more information on this topic refer to Using the Aptify Configuration Migration Tool.

Aptify release 7.1 provides an enhancement to this tool to simplify the selection of entities, metadata and records, now the logged in users are able to see the changes done between particular timeframes. The Configuration Migration Utility - Packer introduces a new checkbox - My Changes and date picker - From and To. This enables the user to view only those records that they have worked at during the specified timeframe and for which they want to create CM pack.

If the user performs operations on entities, metadata, records, and launch the CM Tool, by default, only those entities, metadata and records which are modified or created by that particular user is displayed.

The highlighted portion in the below screenshot show the checkbox My Changes, and the date picker From and To.


When a user launches the CM Tool, by default, My Changes checkbox is selected, and the From and To date ranges between past seven days and current date respectively. Thus, the user is able to see the data modified and created during past seven days, further user can change the date range to any date as per their requirement.

Below screenshots show the output of the CM Tool when the user selects My Changes checkbox after performing below operations:

  • Modifying the Persons entity to add new field.

  • Creating a new entity name as TestEntityDeltaChanges.

  • Modify existing “User Interface” record of Application entity.


To see the complete data list, unselect the My Changes checkbox; this removes the filter logic and complete list of entities, metadata and records is shown to the user.



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