Using Aptify

Getting Started

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Using Customer and Member Management

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Using Order Entry

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Using Product Setup and Maintenance

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Using Campaign Management

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Managing Subscriptions and Membership Dues

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Using Meeting and Housing Management

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Using Composite Engagement Score

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Managing Accounting and Financial Systems Integration

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Using the Viewing System

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Using Organization Management

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Using Expo Management

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Using Education Management

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Using and Managing Surveys

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Using Sales Force Automation

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Using Committee Management

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Using Case Management

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Using Award Management

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Using Fundraising Management

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Using Commission and Royalty Management

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Using Advertising Management

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Using Aptify Learning Management System

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About Aptify Machine Learning Engine

Using e-Business 6.x / 7.x

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Using Classic e-Business

Using the Aptify Web Interface

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Using the Aptify Desktop Client

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Using Forms and Records

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Using Applications and Services

Using Messaging Tools

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Installing & Administering Aptify

Setting up Aptify infrastructure

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Administering Aptify

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Installing Aptify

Developing in Aptify

Application Security

Getting Started

Developing for Entities & Field Level Validation

Developing Process Flows

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Developing for Aptify Web

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Developing Entity Plug-in Objects & Duplicate Check Objects

Developing for & Configuring Aptify SOA

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Developing Form Templates

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Developing for e-Business 6 / 7

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Promoting Business Intelligence - Views & Reporting

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Using the Aptify Configuration Migration Tool

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How to, Troubleshooting , Best Practices and FAQ

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Developing Code-Based Wizards

Understanding the Motor Loaner Sample Application

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Integrating with Aptify


CardConnect BluePay

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Expo Logic badge[on]demand


YM Career Lead Integration

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Other Integrations

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Freestone and Crowd Wisdom

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