Resolved Issues

This document contains the Bug fix description of Aptify 7.2 release and is divided into below categories:

Business Application Improvements

Welcome Summary Dashboard Component Shows Incorrect View Totals - Additional Scenario

In Aptify Web application, when a user created a home dashboard that uses the Welcome Summary component to display two views, and subsequently created an application dashboard that uses the same component to display two different views, the view totals on the Application Dashboard's Welcome summary incorrectly displayed the totals from the home dashboard’s Welcome Summary. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7672 and Issue 7673)

Attachments and Export to Excel not Loading.

In prior releases of Aptify Web application, there was an issue with Attachment and Export Integration Wizard functionalities for Companies and Persons entity records, where users were unable to download Attachments and Export the selected records to an Excel sheet. Aptify release 7.2 addresses this issue.

(Issue 7698) 

Apostrophes and Quotes Do Not Display Properly On Initial Save

In Aptify Web, when a user created a meeting with a name consisting of apostrophe and saved the record, the name on the title bar appeared to be incorrect. However, when the user closed and reopened the record, the correct name was displayed. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7701)

Clicking on the edit button on any Group from the Favorites, that Group is hidden on Web

With previous versions of Web, clicking the edit button on any Group from the Favorites, the respective Group is hidden. unless we refresh the page, the Group will not be displayed under Favorites. This behavior has been fixed in 7.2 release

(Issue 7353)

Is Active Checkbox is not functioning on Message Action

In Aptify Web interface, the ”Is Active” checkbox in the Actions tab was not functioning as expected. When a user created a new message action in Smart Client without selecting the “Is Active” checkbox, the message action was incorrectly added to the Action tab of the Message wizard in Aptify Web. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7711)

Record History Displays Spaces as &nbsp

In prior release of Aptify Web application, an issue was detected where the HTML character entity for space (&nbsp) was being displayed in the record history. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7715)

Meeting Waitlist Pop-up Does Not Appear in Aptify Web

In Aptify Web application, improvements have been made to the meeting waitlist functionality. Now when a user attempts to place an order for a meeting with no available spots, a pop-up message appears stating that there is no inventory available, and the person would be placed on the wait list.

(Issue 7733)

Change Password Popup Doesn't Display Dash Character

In Aptify Web, the Dash character available in the message of 'Change Password Popup' was displaying invalid characters. This has been corrected in 7.2 release

(Issue 7805)

Modify Stored Procedure for Aptify.LMS.dll

In this release, enhancements have been made to Subscription functionality by updating stored procedure spGetLMSInformationFromOrderLineID called from Aptify.LMS.dll. The DBO will additionally now pull the 'First name' and 'Last name information'.

(Issue 7652)

Persons Record Lists Tab Radio Button Does Not Work

In Aptify Web, users encountered several issues within the Companies list tab. These issues included improper display of records, unexpected behavior of the scroll bar and incorrect count of displayed records. In this release code changes have been made to address these issues.

(Issue 7736) 

Product Prerequisite In List Filter and OR and NOT Logic Do Not Work

In previous versions of Aptify Web and Desktop applications, when a user placed an order for a product with ‘Require Prerequisite’ option, the ‘In List’ filter logic was not respected. When the logic string was modified to include advanced filters OR and NOT, the modified filter logic was not working as expected. This release addresses all the mentioned issues.

(Issue 7777)

Web Export to Excel Fails with Certain SQL

With Aptify release 7.2, the export to Excel utility for views created with filters such as 'contains', ‘begins with', 'ends with', or 'exactly matches' now works as expected even when no records are selected. Previously, an error was logged to the Window Event Viewer under the same conditions.

(Issue 7779)


Export to Excel Fails

Enhancements have been implemented to improve the ‘Export to Excel' functionality to handle certain scenarios with prompt views. Previously, when export to excel was performed from views created with filters using 'LastName' with the 'Exactly Matches' or 'In List’ operators, the ‘Export to Excel’ operation would fail with an error message stating, "page can't be found".

(Issue 7788,7589)

Contact Logs and Cases Do Not Render HTML

Fixes have been applied to Aptify Web application to address an issue where the Details text field under Contact log was not rendering the HTML controls, when a user opened a case record and navigated to the Contact Log tab.

 (Issue 7806)

Aptify.LMS.dll to Send First and Last Name for Subscription Call

In this release, enhancements have been made to Aptify LMS functionality to send first and last names for Subscription Call by modifying the Crowd Wisdom LMS code (CrowdWisdomLMS.cs).   

(Issue 7815)

Modify Aptify-CrowdWisdom Integration code

In this release, enhancements have been made to function 'CreateUpdateProductRecord' in CrowdWisdomLMS.cs class to perform a check if 'Product Description" data need to be sent to CrowdWisdom API.  

(Issue 6790)

Connect to Aptify Community URL is Incorrect

The URL link on 'Connect to Aptify Community ' option in Web has been updated to provide the correct URL.

(Issue 7643)


Viewing System Improvements

Changing View Filters to Use NOT or OR Removes ISNULL From View SQL

Aptify release 7.2 addresses the ‘view advanced filter’ issue. Now, when a user creates a view filter for allow null / non-virtual fields (for example ‘Dues paid thru’ column on Person entity) with the ‘Is Blank’ filter operator and adds an advanced ‘NOT/OR’ filter, the view SQL correctly displays all checks. Previously, adding the ‘NOT/OR’ advanced filter removed the ‘ISNULL’ check from the view SQL. 


ELV Doesn't Apply Filter SQL to Chart Views

In the Aptify Web application, for the Persons and Companies record, “Analysis > Contact Count By Year/Category” tab, the SQL filter from the Input Map was not being applied to Chart views. This issue has been resolved and the chart view displays correctly now.

(Issue 7669) 

Proximity Filter - Country is Undefined For United States

When a user created a view using the proximity filter in Aptify Web, the proximity search wizard incorrectly entered “Undefined” for the country field. This issue has been resolved in release 7.2   

(Issue 7731)

Additional Scenarios where Advanced SQL Views Do Not Show Paging or Record Count

In the previous version of Aptify web application, the advanced SQL view created by union statements or subqueries did not show the pagination or the record count at the bottom of an ELV. This issue has been resolved in 7.2 release.

(Issue 7676) 

ELV getting added twice on pin Board

In previous versions of Aptify Web application, a user could unintentionally add an ELV to the pin board twice by initially pinning it through the pin icon adjacent to the view label and subsequently clicking the pin icon located in the top-right of the container. This release addresses the issue. Now, users will no longer be able to double-pin the ELV.

(Issue 7685)

Service Application Dynamic SQL is Missing the ViewName Field

This release addresses an issue that was encountered during SOA compilation when working with Service Application Views. Previously, when users created a view and associated it with the e-Business service, accessing the e-Business URL or the Web URL triggered an error message, which included the viewname.

(Issue 7689)

Form Chart Views Do Not Respect FilterSQL

In previous versions of Aptify Web application, the chart views created using filters did not respect the applied filters resulting in inaccurate representations of data. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7694)

Prompt Views Generate Incorrect SQL when Creating Crystal Reports

In prior releases of Aptify, Crystal reports on prompt views were not generated correctly. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7695)

Chart Views Sort Months Alphabetically

Currently, in the Aptify Web column chart view, the month data is displayed in alphabetical order on the chart. Release 7.2 includes fixes to display the month data in chronological order instead of alphabetical order.

(Issue 7702)

View Duplicates Button Does Nothing

In prior releases of Aptify, the View Duplicates functionality did not work as expected. While cloning a record, when a user clicked the View Duplicates button to view the potential duplicated record, output was not shown, instead two exceptions were logged in the system.  This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7705) 

Pressing Enter on Dashboard Prompt View Runs All Dashboard Prompt Views

In Aptify Web application there was an issue with dashboards created with multiple prompt views. When a user entered a value in one prompt and pressed ‘Enter’ without clicking ‘GO’, all prompt views executed with that value. This behavior has been fixed in release 7.2.

(Issue 7709)

Grouped Views No Longer Load and Cannot Open Dashboard View Items

In this release of Aptify Web application, two scenarios related to views have been addressed.

  1. Previously, grouped views created with prompts did not execute when the user clicked ‘Go’ button. This issue has been resolved.
  2. Additionally, the dashboard list views did not allow the users to open an item directly. To open an item, users had to navigate to the view in the service browser. This behavior has been corrected.

 (Issue 7710 and Issue 7807)

Opening Record Twice from Dashboard View with Grouping Removes Grouping

In the prior release of Aptify Web application, the grouping functionality on the dashboard views did not work as expected in following scenario. The grouping function was removed when a user attempted to open a dashboard view record twice. This has been resolved.

 (Issue 7809)

Prompt Does Not Work for Dashboard Chart Views

Aptify release 7.2 addresses an issue with prompted chart views when added to a dashboard.  Now, when the user creates a Pie Chart view with prompts and adds the same to any dashboard, the filter functionality works as expected.

(Issue 7712)

Cannot View Order Lines on Orders ELV

In Aptify Web, for an order with multiple order lines record, the “All Linked Orders” tab did not show any of the order line records. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7721)

View Start Time Field not Saving

In previous versions of Aptify, users encountered an issue related to schedule views. When they created a scheduled view and checked the ‘scheduling’ checkbox under the scheduling tab, selected ‘output schedule’, and set the output mode as ‘file’, the start time settings were not being saved correctly. This issue has been resolved, now the start time is saved correctly.

(Issue 7780)

Wizard Improvements

Batching failed on "Leave Site" message

In prior releases of Aptify Web application, users encountered an issue when creating a new order and attempting to run the GL Batch Export wizard. An error prompting user to “Leave site" appeared on the second last step of the wizard, titled "Summary of GL entries", when a user double clicked the Batch entry record. The wizard completed successfully when run from Orders and Payments views though. This issue has been resolved.

 (Issue 6007)

Batching Wizard - it picks everything in view instead of what has been selected.

In Aptify Web application, when a user selected records from a view and ran the Batching wizard, the subsequent steps of the wizard picked all the records instead of the selected ones. This issue has been resolved. After the fix, only the user-selected records are batched; if no records are selected, the wizard considers all the records in the view.

(Issue 7154)

Generic Import Wizard Fails to Update Payments

In Aptify Web and Smart Client (Desktop) applications when the Generic Import wizard was used to update Deposit Date of an existing payment(s) record, it logged error messages in the Event Viewer and failed. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7670)

Paid Amount Incorrectly Shows Zero in Cancellation Wizard On Web and Desktop

In Aptify Web and Desktop applications, when a user created multiple orders, made a single payment for all of them, shipped the orders, and later canceled any one of them, the refund amount on the Cancellation wizard was shown correctly. However, when the user tried to cancel other orders, the Cancellation wizard incorrectly displayed a refund amount of zero instead of the full order amount. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7708)

Messaging Wizard Doesn't Load All Template Settings

In Aptify Messaging wizard, when the message template setting for the ‘To Type’, ‘CC Type’ and ‘BCC Type’ fields are saved in Aptify Smart (Desktop) Client, and subsequently accessed through Aptify Web application, the settings were not loading as expected. This issue has been resolved in this release.  

(Issue 7734)

AP Export Wizard Fails if Company Name or Person Name Contains Pipe Character

The AP Export wizard in Aptify Web application previously encountered an issue where it would fail to generate the file(s) if either the Company Name or Person Name contained pipe character. This issue has now been resolved.  

(Issue 7740)

Messaging Wizard Message action not working as expected

A fix has been provided in this release for correcting the behavior of message action functionality of Messaging wizard. Now, when a user adds any entity in Message actions record selecting the Auto Add checkbox and opens the Messaging wizard from that entity, the Auto Add functionality works as expected. It Auto Adds that Message action record. Previously, it was adding message action records twice.

(Issue 7742)

Remove Hard Coding for Batch Wizard Name

In previous version of Aptify , if we rename the GL Batch wizard to another name and run the wizard, it was only picking records on the first page of a view. This behavior has been corrected in 7.2 release

(Issue 7773)


Orders and Payments Improvements

Cannot add Saved Payment Method to Quotation Order

Aptify release 7.2 addressed a scenario where users encountered difficulty using Saved Payment Method for a quotation order that was associated with a Person or Company.   Previously, the users were unable to select a saved payment method as the corresponding button was disabled. 

 (Issue 568)

Bypass CVV Check Failure When Processor Returns X

In this release, code modifications have been done to Aptify Web application to fix an issue related to SPM authorizations process using PayPal reference transaction. Previously, the CVV check returned the value “X” in this scenario, causing a failure in Aptify customized code. This has been resolved.

 (Issue 4739)

Employee Allow Price Override Not Working

In Aptify Web application, code changes have been implemented to enhance the ‘Allow Price Override’ functionality.  Now, users who have permissions to override the price on an order line can modify the price successfully. Previously, even though the user had necessary permission, the system prevented them to override the prices.

(Issue 7691)

BluePay Name Fields Switched

Within the Aptify Web application, it was observed that during payment transactions with various companies using BluePay hosted payment system (including Visa, Mastercard, and Reference Transaction), the names in the Company field and the Name field were switched. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7692)

Update Form Template Parts in Stock Aptify

In prior releases of Aptify Web, the ‘Export to Excel’ functionality for the Payments sub-tab within the Orders was not working. When a user attempted to export the Orders Payments sub-tab to Microsoft Excel no action was performed. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 5751)

Show Expired Prices if Order Date Is On or Before Price End Date

In previous versions of Aptify Web application, when users created new orders and selected a product with an expired price, an incorrect behavior occurred where the expired price was displayed in the price selection drop-down. With this release, a fix has been implemented to prevent the expired price from appearing in the drop-down.

(Issue 7161)

Updated Booth On Order Line Not Appearing in Web

In Aptify Web, when a user updated the booth information for a shipped Expo product order, the modifications were not being reflected in the order line; the booth field showed the previous booth information. This issue has been resolved.  

(Issue 7671) 

Expo Booth Not Cancelled When Ordering Meetings with Expos

In both Aptify Desktop and Web applications, when a user canceled an order that included both a Meeting and an Expo product, the Expo booth was not being cleared from the ‘OrderBoothDetail’ field of the original order. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7714)

Disabling Sessions Pop-Up when adding a Meeting to Order Line is Not Working

In Aptify release 7.2, fixes has been implemented to disable Meeting Session Popups when placing an order in the Product Types attribute list with “OrderProductsEnabled” attribute set to 0.

(Issue 7720)

E-Business Improvements

Company Name Field not showing Ebiz 6.4

In previous releases of Aptify e-Business application, the ‘CompanyName’ field was missing from the ‘usercontext’ file. Subsequently, when a user logged in to the application, they were unable to retrieve the Company name from the ‘usercontext’ file. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7690)

Security Improvements

Black Duck-Medium-jQuery UI-version 1.8.23 Need to upgrade

As part of Black Duck scan improvement, we have analyzed the use of jQuery-UI-1.8.23.custom.min.js in Aptify Web and e-Business 7 application and did not find any reference of the same in the project repository. Hence, we have removed the jQuery-UI-1.8.23.custom.min.js file and its supportive JavaScript files from the 7.2 repository.

(Issue 7839)

Framework Improvements

Import Run Record Radio Buttons Do Not Work

In Aptify Web, within the Framework application, a user encountered an issue on the “Import Runs” page. When attempting to switch the radio button within the “Import Runs Details” tab, the selection was not reflecting in the result set. To address this issue, changes have been done in this release.

(Issue 7167)

Incorrect Virtual Field on Orders Sales Tax Rate

In previous versions of Aptify, the 'SalesTaxRate' field in Orders entity definition was defined as 'decimal' but the calculated field script was pulling a nvarchar field. Fixes has been done in the script to correct the same.

(Issue 6667)

Apostrophes and Angle Brackets Break Searches

Code fixes have been implemented to enhance Quick search and Global search in Aptify Web. These fixes ensure that search results are displayed correctly when searching a text containing apostrophes and/or angle brackets.

(Issue 7674)

Function Override Problem

As per multiple request received, MapContactToPerson function from the SyncContact.vb class has been made overridable.

In addition, a new attribute ‘AllowPersonSyncContactOutlookBusinessFaxNumber’, has been added to Person entity to configure Business Fax Number for outlook synchronization. The attribute accepts two valid values 1 and 0. The value of 1 allows the users to set up a Business Fax Number and 0 allows them to bypass it.

(Issue 7707)

Increase Query Timeout in CES Scores Components

In prior releases of Aptify Web, the CES Scores functionality failed to run the scheduled process flows for generating CES scores. To address this issue, code updates were made to the process flow components 'AptifyCESProcessComponent' and ‘AptifyKPIProcessComponents‘ by changing the 'QueryTimeout’ attribute value from 1200 to 9000.

 (Issue 5987)

Improvements  to Stop Storing View Info in Local Storage

In Aptify Web application, users reported an error related to local storage exceeding the quota. This was due to the storage of view information per entity per application.   To resolve this issue, code changes have been made to Aptify framework utility to prevent additional information from being stored in local storage.

 (Issue 7781)

Change AptifyLMS.dll CreditValue from Int to Decimal

Code changes have been made to dynamic link library ‘Aptify.LMS.dll’ in Aptify Web  to alter the field type of field ‘CreditValue’ from Integer to decimal. Previously, the integer field type prevented the consideration of decimal values in the credit value field. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7693)

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