Launching the Report Wizard

Note Concerning Views With Large Recordsets

If you are running the Report wizard against a exceptionally large number of records, it may be necessary to increase the time in which the report runs so that the report runs successfully. Contact your system administrator or see Increasing the Timeout Value for List Detail Records for details. 


Use one of the following methods to launch the Report wizard:

For Aptify Web Interface

  • Open a view and select Reports from the More drop-down list.  
    Reports Tab
  • Open a record and select Print Record from the More drop-down list.
    Print Record

For Desktop Client

  • Open a view and click the Report Wizard icon in the View Toolbar.  
    Report Wizard Icon
  • Right-click within a view and select Report Wizard from the context menu.
    • You can also select Print Record from the context menu to load the Report wizard.

  • Open a record and click the Print Record icon on the data control bar.
    Report Wizard

Note Concerning Report Sorting

When the Report wizard is launched from a view, the order in which the items are sorted in the report is based on the default Crystal Report or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) setting, not the sorting of the view in Aptify. This is the expected behavior. At this time, the sorting is controlled by the setting within the report, not within the Aptify view. 

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