Creating Pledge Stages

A system administrator must create pledge stages before users can create Pledges in Aptify. Typically, an organization needs at least two pledge stages: one for verbal or uncommitted pledges and one for written or confirmed pledges.

In Aptify, a verbal pledge can be modified after it is created whereas written pledges are locked when they are saved and cannot be altered again. Pledges can be opened and initially saved as Verbal pledges, and later marked as Written. Written pledges cannot be marked as Verbal.

Note that the specific terminology used on your system may vary depending on how your administrator has configured the Pledge Stages service but each stage corresponds to either a Verbal or Written status.

Follow these steps to create a pledge stage:

  1. Open a new record from the Pledge Stages service.
  2. Enter a Name for the stage.
  3. Enter a Description for the stage.
  4. Enter the Base Stage for this record: Verbal or Written.
    • Pledge Stages with a base stage of Verbal correspond to unconfirmed pledges.
    • Pledge Stages with a base stage of Written corresponds to confirmed pledges that cannot be modified once saved with this stage. Written pledges create a shipped order in Aptify.
  5. Enter a Rank to help track the typical progress of a pledge. This field is for informational purposes.
  6. Save and close the record.

  7. Create additional Pledge Stages records as necessary.
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