About the Payment Types Form

Payment Types stores a list of payment types, including Purchase Order, Cash, Pre-paid Check, and credit cards.


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Payment Status Types record.

Advanced Tab

Gen. Credit Memo Product

When a customer/member makes a pre-payment in advance, Aptify generates a negative balance order that can be subsequently applied to another order as credit memo. This field specifies the product used on the generated credit memo order. See Configuring Prepaid Deposits for details.

Refund Voucher

This drop-down lists the different Refund Vouchers available to use for this payment type. Refund Vouchers allow organizations to create multiple Refund Voucher payment types (each associated with its own GL Accounts).

Comments Tab

This tab stores any information related to the payment type. All comments from the original order will flow into a cancellation order or a cloned order.

Filters Tab

This tab stores the set of Organizations to which this payment type applies. If an employee is not linked to an organization on this tab (or to a child organization if applicable), then this payment type will not be available for selection in the Payment Type drop-down list. If this tab is blank, a payment type is available to all employees.

General Tab


The Name of the Payment Type.


A description of the Payment Type.


The base type of the payment. Choose from one of the following:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Credit Memo
  • Purchase Order
  • Wire Transfer

See Understanding a Payment Type's Type for additional information.


Select this option if the payment type represents a movement of funds into or out of the organization. Only the payment types that have this option selected appear in the Payments form's Payment Type drop-down list. For example, the Purchase Order payment type is a promise to pay and not an actual payment. It has the Inflow check box cleared and can be selected from an Order's Accounting > Order Payments sub-tab but not from a Payment's Details tab.


Select this option to make the payment type active.

Allow "Save for Future Use"

Select this option to make the payment type eligible to be saved for future use. Starting with Aptify 5.5.1, selecting this option causes the Save for Future Use option to become active on the Orders form, and the saved payment type appears in the Saved Payment Method drop-down list when a new order or payment is created for this person/company, allowing the user to apply the payment type without re-entering the related information.

Credit Card Type

Use this drop-down menu to select the credit card type. For example, if enabled, the system will validate that the provided card number matches the card type identified. If not, the payment save will fail. Each Credit Card Types record identifies the starting digits for a particular type. For example, the Visa Credit Card Types record specifies that Visa card numbers begin with 4.

Web Enabled

This option is added in Aptify e-Business 5.5. Select this option to enable the payment type to be used in Aptify e-Business.

GL Accounts Tab

This tab lists the General Ledger accounts linked to this payment type.

Service Charge Tab

Apply Service Charge

Check this box to automatically apply a service charge to this payment type.

Service Charge Type

This drop-down lists the types of service charges for the payment type. Choose from one of the following:

  • Percentage
  • Flat
  • Both

Service Charge Method

This drop-down lists the service charge methods available. Choose from one of the following:

  • Net
  • Percentage

Service Charge %

If Percentage is selected as the Service Charge Type, enter the amount of the percentage in this field.

Service Charge Flat Fee

If Flat is selected as the Service Charge Method, enter the flat fee amount in this field. Note that this fee is expressed in the specified Flat Fee Currency. Payments in currencies other than the Flat Fee Currency will perform a conversion on the Flat Fee Currency amounts into the Payment's Currency using the most recent spot rate.

Flat Fee Currency

Currency in which a service charge flat fee is expressed.

Service Charge GL Account

Select the service charge (General Ledger) GL Account from the drop-down.

Service Charge GL Liability Account

Select the service charge GL Liability Account from the drop-down.


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