Navigating the Orders Form Using Hot Keys

The hot keys described below apply to the Aptify Desktop client only.


In the Aptify Desktop, you can navigate the Orders form without using a mouse to rapidly enter order information using these shortcut keys:

  • Move between fields sequentially on a particular area or tab using the Tab key.
  • Jump to a tab or area using a pre-defined hot key. In Aptify, a hot key is a combination of Alt plus a letter. The target letter is typically underlined in a field or tab name, but not always (depending on the field type). The pre-defined hot keys include:
  • Jump Customer tab (Orders top area): Press Alt+C
  • Jump to Shipping tab: Press Alt+S
  • Jump to Accounting tab: Press Alt+A
  • Jump to Cancellations tab: Press Alt+C
  • Jump to Subscriptions tab: Press Alt+B
  • Jump to Comments tab: Press Alt+M
  • Jump to Attachments tab: Press Alt+T
  • Jump to Lines area (Find Product link box): Press Alt+P
  • Jump to Summary area (Order Type field): Press Alt+O
  • If focus is on a tab, you can move between other tabs in the same tab control using the arrow keys. To shift focus to another tab, press the space bar (after selecting it using the arrow keys).
  • To rapidly add products to an order, use Alt+P to jump to the Lines area and enter the product name or ID. Then, press Enter to add that product to the order with a quantity of 1. Focus returns to the Find Product link box so you can continue adding products as needed.
  • Use the hot keys for the Command Buttons to save, close, and print orders as needed. For example, pressing Ctrl+N saves the existing order and opens a new order. When you hover over one of these buttons, Aptify displays a tool tip with the button's hot key combination. Otherwise, see Using the Form Command Buttons for more information on these buttons and their hot keys.

    Note: All hot keys created will be culture specific. See Configuring Hot Keys for Fields for more information.

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