Notes Concerning Payment Status

Keep in mind the following points when working with the Payment Status field:

  • In Aptify's standard installation, all payments applied on an order as an initial payment have a Posted status. Payment Status is only applicable to payments created from the Payments service that are then applied to orders without outstanding balances.
  • By default, when you open a new Payments record, the Payment Status field is set to Posted by default.
  • A user can save a new Payments record only with a Payment Status of Pending, Posted, or Exception.
  • A user can change a Pending, On Hold, or Exception payment to Posted.
  • A credit card payment with a Pending status is not submitted for authorization to a third-party merchant account (like PayPal), if otherwise applicable. Note that if the authorization fails when changing a pending payment to posted, you will need to create a new Payments record to reenter the credit card number. For security purposes, the credit card number field is replaced with the partial credit card number after a Payments record is saved for the first time and the card number cannot be modified.
  • A user cannot manually set the Payment Status to Batched. Only the Payment GL Batch wizard change a payment's status from Posted to Batched.
  • Your use of the Payment Status field will depend upon your organization's business rules. Contact your system administrator or accounting department for assistance if necessary.

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