Resolved Issues

Business Application Improvements

Meeting Class Integration Error on Orders

In earlier versions of Aptify, when a user created an order for a meeting class product, exceptions were thrown when saving the order. This issue has been resolved now.

(Issue 5376)

Update Behavior for Exception Payment Status

In Aptify Smart Client, when a user entered incorrect credit card information in payment details with payment status as Pending and later changed the payment status to Posted, the credit cards details were not getting verified. Release 7.1 rectifies this behavior, now when the status of a payment record with incorrect credit card is changed to Posted, an exception is logged in the status Info and the payment status is changed to Exception.

(Issue 5851)

Pinned Views Load Undefined

In Aptify Web, users encountered an issue where, upon opening a view, pinning it, and navigating to another view or service, clicking back on the pinned view would display an undefined/undefined URL. Similar issue was seen when the views were opened and pinned in the dashboard. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6678)

Alternatives for Twilio /sms/messages resource endpoint Shutdown

As of January 31, 2023, 5pm Pacific Time, Twilio no longer supports the "....SMS/Messages.json" resource endpoint. It has been replaced by "..../Messages.json" resource endpoint. Organizations using the Twilio integration must download the updated DLLs (Twilio.dll and AptifyTwilioIntegration.dll) and replace the existing files. Contact Aptify Technical Support to get access to the latest Twilio feature.

(Issue 7127)

Renewed Memberships that are Cancelled Do Not Update Subscription Status

In Aptify Web, when a renewed membership order was cancelled and the cancelled order was shipped, the subscription status showed as "Active" instead of "Cancelled”. This issue has been addressed for both desktop and web application in release 7.1.

(Issue 6723)

Problems with Meeting Registrations

On the Aptify Smart (Desktop) Client version, when a user created an order for a meeting product (with Max Registration =1) for a specific person and checked the status in Order Line, incorrect status was being displayed. For example, if the meeting product was available, the status in Order Line was shown as Wait List and for a non-available meeting product, the status was shown as Registered in specific cases. In this release, related fixes have been done to reflect the correct status.

(Issue 6749)

Person Record Add to Committees Fails.

In Aptify Web, adding a person to a Committee Term from a Persons record failed if a Committee Term’s “Allow Duplicate Members” box is selected, and the Committee Terms Start Date is blank. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6758)

List Improvements in Web

Aptify release 7.1 fixes Person/Company List tab issues. Now, a person can be deleted from the list without any error; the admins can remove the Person/Company name from a list by visiting the Person/Company record List tab; in the Person/Company List tab, the radio buttons work as expected, for example, selecting a non-system option shows the non-system lists of that Person/Company; in the Company List tab, it is possible to open a List.

(Issue 7151)

Page Selector Does Not Work with Prompt Views

In Aptify Web, the Page Selector functionality present at the bottom of the prompt view did not work as expected. When a user entered a specific page number in the page selector and pressed enter, the functionality did not take the user to the specified page number. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7155)

Meeting Session Shows All Meetings

In prior releases of Aptify Web, when an order was placed for a meeting product with multiple sessions, all the sessions of a meeting product were being displayed regardless of the selection of Currently sold Checkbox. This behavior has been fixed in release 7.1, now only sessions with Currently sold checkbox selected are displayed.

(Issue 7159)

Problems With Text Topic Codes

In Aptify Web, under the Topic Codes sub-tab for entities, the Topic Code with value type as "text" for the tree view did not display the modifications made.  This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7160)

Reports From Previous Bulk Messages Included in New Bulk Messages

There was an issue with Bulk message functionality in Aptify Web in which the new message run incorrectly included the reports of previous message runs. This has been resolved in release 7.1.

(Issue 7168)

SSRS report not loading on Aptify web for Domain user

In Aptify release 7.1, the code has been modified to ensure that the SSRS reports load correctly in Aptify Web application for Domain users.

(Issue 7179)

Domain Users Redirecting to the login page

 In prior releases of Aptify Web, when a domain user added any application, the user was redirected to the login page. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7180)

Switch Dashboard Doesn't Work for Dashboards on Same Application  

Aptify release 7.1 addresses an issue related to the functionality of user-created dashboards. Users are now correctly redirected to the appropriates dashboard when switching between tabs.

(Issue 7345)

Editing a Product Price Using a Price Rule Prepends "undefined"

In Aptify Web, when a user edited the price in the Order Lines for a product having price rule, the product description field was incorrectly updated as “undefined”. This has been resolved.

(Issue 7346)


Wizard Improvements

Correcting the success message on recapture on ePayment Capture Wizard

In prior releases, there was a problem with the ePayment Capture wizard for PayPal in Aptify Smart (Desktop) Client, where it would display a success message incorrectly when the user attempted to recapture the payment details. After implementing the necessary fix, an error message now appears instead.

(Issue 3989)

Finish button is getting disable once the wizard fails

On a contribution payment wizard, if the user fails to add valid data and when the wizard fails, the "Finish" button gets disabled, and the user does not have capability to correct the invalid data and progress ahead with the wizard. Fixes has been done to allow user to Finish the wizard after valid data is added.

(Issue 5742)

Batching Problem with Multiple Date Prompts

In Aptify Web, there was a problem with the GL Batch wizard when it was run on the result of prompt view with multiple dates. The wizard was not pulling the correct records as per the date selection. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6001)

New Order Wizard Improvements

In prior releases of Aptify Web, when processing the payment type for a new order through the wizard with an invalid card, validation message would appear as expected. However, the wizard would close unexpectedly on its own. After the fix, the wizard no longer closes automatically after displaying the validation message.

(Issue 7104)

Close Meeting Wizard Improvements 

In Aptify Web, when a user updated the registration status of a registrant through the Close Meeting wizard, after the auto-refresh, the updated record was displayed at the top of the list, rather than the next record after the record they updated. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 7152)

Metadata Wizards Show HTML Tags

Multiple MetaData wizards in Aptify Web displayed HTML tags such as </br> in the text field. This issue has been resolved by modifying the code to eliminate the display of HTML tags.

(Issue 7164)


CM Tool Improvements

Form Template or any Form changes for small or large entities are not working.

In prior Aptify releases, while creating CM pack for any entity, the form template sections were not getting packed correctly and exceptions and errors were logged for the same. Code changes have been made to the CM pack utility in release 7.1 to handle all the exceptions and errors. Now, all the form templates are getting packed/unpacked successfully.

(Issue 7047)

SQL statement is breaking

In CM tool pack/unpack functionality, SQL statements consisting of apostrophe (‘) in the character string encountered Incorrect syntax error. Code changes have been made in release 7.1 to resolve the error.

(Issue 7050)

Object reference error in unpacking using CM Tool

While packing/unpacking objects using CM Tool functionality, if an entity field value was null, then an error message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” was thrown and the execution of remaining packing/unpacking process was skipped. This has been resolved in release 7.1.

(Issue 7056)


Orders and Payments Improvements

Credit Currency Symbol Defaulting to Wrong Currency

When a user created a new currency in Aptify Smart Client, and executed the metadata generator process flow for Aptify Web, the credit currency symbol of the newly created currency was not reflected in currency type field in Aptify Web. This issue has been fixed.

(Issue 5985)

On order form, the price drop down does not use the pricing filters.

Fixes have been done to the Aptify Web code so that the price drop-down menu on the Order Line form displays price options based on the pricing filter rules.  

(Issue 6099)

Can't Export Payments to Excel from Orders Payments Tab

With Aptify releases 7.1, users are able to export the Orders Payments tab to Microsoft excel without any error.

(Issue 6751)

Person SPM using HPP on e-Biz Classic Fails

In prior releases of Aptify, when a user tried to create an SPM from the HPP page on e-Business Classic, the system logged a transaction related error. In Aptify release 7.1, the code has been fixed to eliminate the error.

(Issue 7235)

Discount Lost on Backorder If Price Overridden

In Aptify Web, the discount on an Order Line product was removed under following condition: When the Order Line product had price overridden option and was manually discounted, and the Order was partially shipped with the impacted Order Line product included in the original order. This has been resolved.

(Issue 7281)

Bulk Order Wizard Issue with Contact Selection Mode

In Aptify Web, when Bulk Order wizard was run from the Company view and Contact Selection Mode option was modified, the change was not getting reflected in the Ship To field of Customers record. For example, if the Contact Selection Mode was changed from Lowest ID to Highest ID, the Ship To field in the Customers record still showed the details of the person with lowest ID. This has been resolved.

(Issue 7350)


UI Improvements

On Product record General tab text is not align properly and getting overlapped

In Aptify Web's Meeting Management application, there was an issue where the text in the Selling Options area of the General tab was overlapping for new records. The problem has been resolved by implementing fixes to ensure proper alignment of the text.

(Issue 1317)

On the Education Unit record, there is no space between the Date Earned Label

In Aptify Web, the Date Earned label for a new Education Unit Record under Education has been corrected to show space between the label words Date and Earned. Previously, there was no space between the two words. It displayed as DateEarned.

(Issue 2811)

Prompt Captions Are Truncated Despite Enough Space on Screen

In release 7.1, when creating a prompted view with a long prompt caption, the entire caption is now displayed on the screen without any truncation.

(Issue 3531)

Comment section is too small on payment schedule record

The comment section of the payment schedule record for Aptify Web's Fundraising application has been expanded to enable users to read and write the comments without any difficulty.

(Issue 5804)


e-Business7.1 Improvements

e-Business Shopping Cart Passes Incorrect Order ID to CardConnect BluePay

In prior versions of e-Business that had Hosted Payment Process setup along with CardConnect BluePay, when a payment was done with the Hosted Payment form, the relevant OrderID was incorrectly set to -1. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 2104)

Problems Installing e-Business 6.4

During the installation of Aptify e-Business 6.4 installer on an upgraded Aptify 6.4 database, the installer failed with an exception. This release addresses the installer exception issue. After the fix, the installation completes successfully.

(Issue 2026)


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