Resolved Issues

This section contains the Bug fixes description of Aptify 6.3 release as given below:

Implementation of Month data in Chart Views to show up in chronological order

Currently on Aptify Web column chart view, the month data is displayed in alphabetical order in chart. Fixes have been done in 6.3 release to display the month data in chronological order instead of alphabetical order.

(Issue 5700)

List Filter Disappears After Returning to View Properties

Fixes have been done in 6.3 release to correct a behavior in List View properties wherein the Filters on the View Properties were showing blank on Web when switching between fields and filters tab. Now the filters added in view properties will be displayed correctly in every case when user switched between the View properties sub-tab.

(Issue 5348)

Column Chart Views Grouped by Year Display Year as Extra Column with Years as Value

Fixes have been done in Aptify 6.3 version to remove the extra Years value column displayed on column chart view when the chart view is grouped by Year. Now the extra column will not be displayed for such views. 

(Issue 5341, 5336)

Service Process Flows Calls Return All Information from User Credentials When It Should Not

When you run a Service Process Flow (like the Create Contact Log example from, the Response includes all of the information from the User Credentials object, including a Domain User’s Password, SQL Server name, etc. Fixes have been done in 6.3 release to correct this problem.

(Issue 5704)

HPP Bluepay give token error when CSRF is set to true in web.config

Fixes have been done in 6.3 release to correct the token error in Bluepay Hosted payment on Web application when CSRF settings is turned ON in web.config file.

(Issue 5697)

Web 6.2 -- Some ELVs Do Not Show Paging or Item Count 

In Aptify versions previous to 6.3 release, Pagination option was not available for views using a SQL string in the Input Map instead of a View ID. Example: Fundraising’s solicitors views. This has been corrected in 6.3.

(Issue 5665)

Web: Hitting Cancel for Messaging Wizard Confirmation Dialog Loses Entire Message

In previous versions of Aptify ,when sending a message in the messaging wizard, a dialog appears asking “Do you really want to send this message?”. If the user clicks cancel, rather than being taken back to the message, the entire message is lost and the user has to start from scratch. Fixes have been done in 6.3 to correct this behavior.

(Issue 5656)

Web: HTML Code Changed When Pasting into Messaging HTML 

Aptify 6.3 fixed a problem where HTML Code added in Messaging HTML section was not sent correctly. The email received with such HTML code had incorrect characters added. This has been corrected.

(Issue 5650)

Application server config file for AsynchronousProcessor and CreateProcessflowRun need to be updated with attribute 

In 6.3 setup, the below Object download attribute of Application server config files for AsynchronousProcessor and CreateProcessflowRun has been marked to false so that the file

spGetPersonSubcriptionsBySubscriber Can Timeout on Large Databases Due to vwSubscriptionMembership Call les don’t download incorrect older version of the file with every object sync.

<add key="Aptify.Framework.ObjectRepository.AptifyObjectRepository.IsObjectDownloadActive" value="false" />

(Issue 5633, 5349)


AptifyCreateProcessFlowRun.exe Not in Object Repository but other app server files are

6.3 Object Repository has been updated with the latest exe for AptifyCreateProcessFlowRun.exe so that the latest file is downloaded when Object Synchronizer is run.

(Issue 5337)

Images Appear as Broken Links in HTML Editor 

In earlier version of Aptify Web HTML fields, if you attach an image it appears as an icon/broken link, but does not display the image. Fixes have been done to correct this behavior.

(Issue 5358)

Prevent Payments from Saving If Credit Card Reference Transaction Type Not Tied to Active Merchant Account 

In 6.3 version of Aptify, additional conditions have been added for Credit Card Transactions payment type to prevent a payment from saving under the below conditions:

  • Payment Type's Type is Credit Card Reference Transaction
  • Payment Type is not associated with an active Merchant Account

If the above conditions are not satisfied, User will be prompted with a transaction failure message.

(Issue 5353)

Web 6.2 -- Continuously Logs Errors to Event Viewer After User is Logged/Timed Out 

With 6.2 version of Aptify, the application continuously reports the following errors being logged to Event Viewer after user is logged out or timed out:
Security requirement Failed for AuthorizationResult StockTokenValidation and Failed Requirements Valid Token After that, it continuously logs the following error: Collection is a read-only error.
As a part of fix, the web socket changes have been removed from 6.3 release.

(Issue 5666)

Aptify Web: Chart Views - "Extra data point" Appears in Chart Views with Numeric Labels

In older version of Aptify Web chart views, extra data points appear when labels are numeric values such as binary values (0,1,null/blank) or years (2014,2015,etc). This has been corrected by removing the extra data points. 

(Issue 5341)

Post 6.1/6.2 Upgrade Without e-Business 6 Breaks Persons Duplicate Check

If the user hasn't installed the ebiz6 database components during 6.2 upgrade , then the stock Persons duplicate check functionality stopped working post upgrade. Fixes have been done in 6.3 to correct the same.

(Issue 5324)

Bulk Orders with Many SubTypes Take Too Long to Save

In older version of Aptify, if you try to save a bulk order with 14,000 Bulk Order Subtype records, it used to take forever to save.
Performance improvements have been done in Bulk Order Save process in 6.3.

(Issue 5282)

Cancellation Fee Product Text Not Visible 

Before 6.3 Aptify, In the Order Cancellation wizard, the text for the "Include Cancellation Fee Product" checkbox, “Show Cancellation Fee Products" button, and “Create Credit Memo” checkbox are cut off. This has been corrected now.

(Issue 5255)

Web URL field data is not rendering after 6.2 upgrade

In older versions of Aptify, Web URL icon is inline with textbox and not below it. Also the values is  not appearing in Website field on web. Fixes have been done in 6.3 to correct this behavior.

(Issue 5251, 5249)

Web: Record Names/Headings Do Not Display Apostrophes Correctly 

In earlier version of Aptify, If a record has an apostrophe in the name field, then Aptify Web does not display the name correctly on Record Names and Headings. Fixes have been done to correct this in Aptify 6.3.

(Issue 5250)

Message Attachments Do Not Open if Attached to Message Templates 

With earlier version of Aptify Web, if an attachment is added directly to a Message Template record, the sent attachment gets corrupted and cannot be opened. This has been corrected in the current Aptify 6.3 version.

(Issue 5247)

Unable to delete Topic Codes in Person Record 

In earlier version of Aptify Web, When a user saves a topic code against a persons, save it and then try to unassign it, the topic code did not get deleted. This has been corrected now.

(Issue 5246)

ELVs in Records Don't Resize to Fill Browser at Different Zoom Levels

Fixes have been done in Aptify 6.3 version to correct the display of subtype ELV record resizing such that the the ELV fill the browser for different zoom level set.

(Issue 5047)

Web: Lists Record UI Issues 

Multiple UI and functional problems reported against List record were corrected in Aptify 6.3 release. This includes the following problems that have been corrected:

  • Extra control bar appearing in List Items
  • Add a person name and click on Add nothing happens
  • Multiple grids displayed when adding multiple record
  • Clicking the upper refresh button shows a new row of control bar buttons

(Issue 5245)

Universal Search -- Select Button in Results is Inactive 

In Aptify 6.2, the Select Button on Universal search was inactive and not performing any action. This problem has been corrected in 6.3.

(Issue 5210)

Web: Unable to Add Customer Records in Bulk Order Records

Fixes have been done in Aptify 6.3 release to allow users to add customer records in Bulk Order Records.

(Issue 5209)

Cannot Add Views to Favorites

In Aptify 6.2, users are not able to add views to Favorites. This has been corrected in 6.3.

(Issue 5208)

Universal Search -- Clicking Last Page Button Loads Page 38 of Find Results 

In Aptify 6.2, Clicking on Last Page button of Universal search of Persons->Relationship tab took the user to Page 38 of Find Results. This generic problem has been corrected in current version of Aptify.

(Issue 5207)

ACH Payment Cannot Be Saved as an SPM If Account Number Has an Apostrophe

In earlier versions of Aptify, an ACH payment cannot be saved as an SPM if the Account Number has an apostrophe. This has been corrected in Aptify 6.3 version.

(Issue 5190)

Hosted Payment functionality is not supported on Contribution Payment Wizard on Smart Client

In Aptify 6.2 version, Bluepay Remote Hosted Payment was not working in Contribution Payment Wizard on Smart Client. This has been corrected in Aptify 6.3.

(Issue 5150)

Typo in AptifyItemRatings Causes Entity Not Found Error

In 6.3 version of Aptify a typo in the entity name "Rated Items” has been corrected to display it correctly as "Rated Item".

(Issue 4881)

Process Flow Does Not Run Using Multiple Base View (MBV) with Advanced SQL as Input

In 6.0 version of Aptify, when a process flow  is setup to take a ViewID as an input, and if the View has advanced SQL based on a Multiple Base View, the Process flow runs successfully but the email that is supposed to be sent does NOT go out. This behavior has been corrected in Aptify 6.3.

(Issue 4874)

Need new event that is triggered when payment save is complete

Before Aptify 6.3 version, the Payment successfully email was sent when a payment is submitted online but the transaction has failed further. This behavior has been corrected now.

(Issue 4858)

Adding a New Product To Existing Order Fails to Update Order Line Description

Before 6.3 Aptify, when the product’s description shows the PriceName, if you select a new price in the order, the orderline description updates in the desktop client was not reflected in the Web version. This has been corrected now.

(Issue 4852)

spGetPersonSubcriptionsBySubscriber Can Timeout on Large Databases Due to vwSubscriptionMembership Call 

Fixes have been done in Aptify 6.3 to correct the TimeOut error that occurs when opening a persons record in specific large databases.

(Issue 4791)

Summary Form Incorrectly Lists Expired Subscriptions Under Prior Memberships 

Prior to Aptify 6.3, Person and Company Summary Form was incorrectly listing Non-Membership Subscriptions under the "Prior Membership" section of the Person Summary Form. This has been corrected now. Now the summary form displays the last 2 recent membership subscription records.

(Issue 4781)

Persons Stored Procedures Not Updated When Persons Entity Updated

In Aptify 6.3, fixes have been done to correct the Persons entity save process as the stored procedure associated was not reflecting the new changes done on the entity. 

(Issue 4602)

Batching Wizard - it picks everything in view instead of what has been selected

GL Batch wizard record selection was corrected as a part of fix where the selected records are only considered for GL Batch wizard. If no selection done, then the wizard considers all the records in the view.

(Issue 3418)

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