About the User Interface Requirements for the Sample Application

This topic describes the user interface requirements for Motor Loaner's new system:

  • UIR1: Check-Out and Check-In Interfaces
    This system should provide a prompted interface that simplifies a Rental Clerk's data entry task for both Vehicle Check-Out and Vehicle Check-In.

  • UIR2: User-Friendly Warnings When User Enters Incorrect Value
    In the fast-paced car rental market, Rental Clerks are valued for their speed and customer service skills. However, historically, clerks may sacrifice speed for accuracy. The system should reduce the chance of data entry errors wherever possible and provide user-friendly messages when an associate enters an invalid value.

  • UIR3: Display Important Vehicle Information Prominently
    Due to their importance in the rental business, a vehicle's current status and mileage should be readily available and prominently displayed on a vehicle's record.

  • UIR4: Prevent Users From Manually Setting Vehicle Status
    Since the system will automatically update the vehicle's status, this should be visually apparent to users so that they do not attempt to change the status manually.

  • UIR5: Disable Fields Not Applicable to Current Stage of the Rental Agreement
    The system should make it readily apparent on a Rental Agreement form that Check In Fields cannot be modified during vehicle Check Out and that Check Out Fields cannot be modified once a vehicle leaves the lot. Finally, once a vehicle is checked in, none of the data on the rental agreement should be modified.

  • UIR6: Provide Addresses and Phone Numbers in a Unified Format
    Address and Phone information should appear in a standard format to facilitate data entry and review.

  • UIR7: Provide Access Screens for Daily Tasks
    The new system should provide a "one stop shop" for rental clerks and managers so they can easily perform and review day-to-day activities from a single screen.
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