Integrating with Informz

The Informz for Aptify integration provides an effective way to harness the strengths of Aptify and Informz for effective and efficient eMarketing campaigns. Using Informz provides valuable deliverability services, advanced reporting, and campaign consultation from a dedicated Informz eMarketing Advisor.

This integration allows the sharing of information between Informz and Aptify, to deliver a robust solution. Market segments or lists of prospects can be imported from Aptify and be used for eMarketing campaigns in Informz. Emails constructed in Informz can now leverage the invaluable personalized information for each person, which is available in Aptify. Information regarding the mailing activity of these eMarketing campaigns and the subscribe/unsubscribe option of each person can now be tracked back in Aptify.

The configuration and use of the integration of Informz with Aptify are described in the following documents:

Configuring the Informz Integration

This describes how to install all the components that are required to setup and configure Informz for Aptify Integration. Refer to the attached file - Aptify-Informz Integration User Guide to learn more about using the integration to its full potential.

The Informz setup includes unpacking a configuration migration pack on Aptify 5.5.2 or higher. Also, you will need to install the Aptify Configuration Migration Tool (CM Tool) to be able to unpack the Informz integration pack. In the last step, you can automate the process of updating the campaign prospect list. This last step is not a required step for the setup but is recommended in order to have less manual work involved in using Aptify Informz Integration. CM Tool setup files and Informz Integration pack can be obtained by contacting Aptify support or by contacting your Informz eMarketing Advisor.

Perform the following steps to complete the Informz integration:


Installing the Aptify CM Tool

Install the Aptify Configuration Migration (CM) Tool on the server where the Aptify Desktop client as described in Installing the Aptify CM Tool:

Unpacking the Informz Integration CM Pack

Please follow these steps to unpack the Informz integration CM Pack:

  1. Copy and paste the InformzPack.cmpack file to the computer where you have installed the Aptify CM Tool. 
  2. In the Windows Desktop, click the CM Tool icon to launch the Aptify CM Tool. 

    Ensure that the user running the Aptify CM Tool has the permission to create/update entities. A system administrator level user is required for such a task.

  3. In the Configuration Migration Utility screen, select the Open Configuration for Unpacking option and click OK.
  4. In the Pack Path field of the Folder Selection section, enter the path for Informz integration Pack (InformzPack.cmpack) and click the UnPack button.

    Pack Path Field Example

  5. If the CM Tool displays notifications about the difference in version and some validation failures, ignore these and continue unpacking.
  6. When the Completion Message is displayed, the CM Tool has completed unpacking the Informz Integration Pack.
  7. Click OK to close the completion message. Aptify should now have all of the components required for the Informz integration. 
  8. To verify that all of the components required for Informz Integration are present, see Verifying the Unpacked Items.

Verifying the Unpacked Items

This verification step is recommended but not required. After the unpack process has completed, open Aptify to verify whether the required components were unpacked:

  1. Search for the related Service Data Object.
    1. Open the Service Data Objects service under the Web Services application.
    2. Search and verify that a Service Data Object record named spPersonlizationFieldValues exists.
  2. Search for the related Process Flow
    1. Open the Process Flows service under the Process Pipeline application.
    2. Search and verify that a Process Flow record named Multiple Campaign List Builder Process Component exists. 
  3. Search for the related Scheduled Task.
    1. Open the Scheduled Tasks service under the Process Pipeline application.
    2. Search and verify that a Scheduled Task record named Update Prospect List for Multiple Campaign exists. 
  4. Ensure that the Mailing Activity Entity service is present.
    1. Open the Campaign Management application.
    2. Verify that a service named Mailing Activity exists. 
  5. Ensure that the Email Exclusion History sub-tab is present.
    1. Open any Person's record and navigate to the Contact Log tab.
    2. Verify that a sub-tab named Email Exclusion History exists. 
  6. Ensure that the AvailableForEmail field is present.
    1. Open any campaign record
    2. Verify that AvailableForEmail field exists in the main area. 

The Email Exclusion History sub-tab and the AvailableForEmail field might not appear by default if you are using configured form templates for those services.

Creating a Scheduled Task to Automate Updating the Prospect List

By performing this procedure, you can automate the process of updating the prospect list, when using Campaign Segments. Complete the following steps to create and set a schedule task:

  1. Confirm that you have an Application Server configured and functional on your network.
    • You must have one or more Application Servers to use Aptify Scheduled Tasks. 
  2. Open the Scheduled Tasks service under the Process Pipeline application.
  3. Search for and open the Update Prospect List for Multiple Campaign scheduled task'.
  4. Open the Remote Scheduler service.
    • After saving the record, the Application Server will change the service to Windows Scheduler automatically and set up a Windows Task for this item.
    • If you are running the Aptify Desktop client on the Application Server directly, you can set the service to Windows Scheduler directly. 
  5. Specify the Application Server that will execute this task.
  6. Specify the Job Account Name and Password for the account that will execute this task on the Application Server.
  7. Select the Is Enabled option.
  8. Modify the Frequency, Dates, and Start Time as needed.
  9. Save the Scheduled Task.

    Scheduled Task Example

By following these steps, all the required components for Informz are now in place and it is configured to update the prospect list automatically based on the scheduled task frequency. 

If you're having trouble, please make sure you've reviewed this checklist:

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