Registering for a Class Type Class

Follow these steps to register a student or students for a class type class using the Aptify Orders form:

  1. Open a new record from the Orders service.
  2. Enter Ship To and Bill To information on the Customer tab.
    • This section provides only an overview of the order entry process. It is intended to focus on how ordering a class product differs from ordering a basic product. See Entering Customer and Order Information for complete information on how to specify customer information on an order.

  3. In the Lines area of the Orders form, enter the associated Course in the Find Product field.
    • This Course product should have a Product Type of Class.
    • Typically, the same Products record is linked to a single Course and all of the Classes for that course. In this case, a user enters the Class product for the Course and then selects the specific class on the order line, as described below.
  4. In the Quantity field, enter 1.
    • When creating more than one Class Registration, add a separate order line for each registrant. Create one order line with the class product for each registrant with a quantity of one.

  5. Click Add to add an order line to the order.

    A check for prerequisite classes is not performed for the student when a Class product is added to an order. If needed, an organization can configure the system to perform this check. Contact Aptify for assistance. 


    • By default, the Ship To Person automatically flows down to the Class Registration's Student field when you add the order line to the order. You can change this on the Order Lines form.

    • Aptify does not automatically populate a class for the class registration. Therefore, you must open the Order Lines form as described below before you can save the order. 


  6. Double-click in the gray area to the far left of a class order line to open its Order Lines record.
  7. Click the Class Registration tab.

  8. Enter the Class for which the student is registering.
    • This step is required for all class registrations.
    • Use the Find button to display the set of available classes. The Find dialog only returns those classes linked to the product you specified on the order.
  9. Modify the person who is registering for the class in the Student field, if necessary.
    • On the General sub-tab, the Student field automatically populates with the Order's Ship To person.
    • This is where you specify the class registrant. If a single order is for multiple class registrations, create one line item for each registration and edit the Student field to show the name of the appropriate class registrant.
  10. Enter or modify other registrant information as necessary.
    • The Status field displays the student's status, including Pending and Registered. By default, all class registrations are set to Pending.
  11. Specify any additional information on the other tabs of the Order Lines form.
    • See Specifying Order Line Details for information on the Order Lines form and the configuration options that are common to all products. This section only describes the configuration options that are specific to class registrations.
  12. Click OK to save and close the Order Lines form.
  13. Continue processing the order as necessary (including adding other lines as needed).
  14. Once the student's registration is confirmed, update the Class Registration's Status from Pending to Registered. On save, we'll create a Class Registration (for Meeting product, what the user works with is the Meeting Registration). The Class Registration status is based on the status mapping between Class Registration Status and Meeting Registration Status, as defined in the Attendee Status records.)
    • You can do this either directly on the Class Registrations record (see Reviewing the Class Registrations Record) or from the Class Registration tab of the Order Lines form.
    • Keep in mind that there are several options available for automating the process of changing the Status to Registered, including an Entity Bulk Operation or Process Flow. Contact your system administrator for details. 
  15. Ship the order.
    • See Shipping Orders and Placing Back Orders and Placing Back-Orders for details.
    • If the order only contains a class registration, you should ship the order when you believe it is complete (so you can generate the appropriate general ledger (GL) entries). If you expect other changes will occur to the order, leave the Order Status as Taken until confirmed.


If you need to cancel a class registration, use the standard order cancellation procedures in Aptify. This will automatically set the Status to Withdrawal in the corresponding Class Registrations record or set the Status to Canceled in the corresponding Meeting Registrations record, as applicable. See Cancelling a Class Registration for instructions.

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