Managing the Class Registration Service

Class Registration is the service that helps track students and the classes they take. Each Class Registration record contains the student's name and class information and links to a corresponding Order (which tracks invoice and payment information for a student).

To create a class registration, a user creates an order. The process for registering for a class is just like the process for registering for a meeting. A user enters a class's product as an order line on the order and specifies the specific class in which the student is enrolling. When the order saves, Aptify generates a Class Registration (and a Meeting Registration, if applicable) automatically. This method allows a user to create multiple registrations in a single order. This document refers to this approach as the Order Method; it is described in Creating Class Registrations from an Order

Once a Registrations record has been created, the record provides a place for the Education Management administrator to update and view the student's status and exam scores in the class as the class progresses, and the date the class was completed.

This topic contains the sub-topics below that describe how to manage class registrations, and how to create a curriculum application for students who are working towards curriculum certification.

Creating Class Registrations from an Order

In Aptify, an organization can register students for a class by creating an order for a Class product.

The Aptify Bulk Order wizard does not support Class Products. Therefore, you cannot use that wizard to generate registration for class type classes, but it does work for meeting type classes.

This topic contains the following sub-topics that describe the creation and deletion of class registrations from an order:

Cancelling a Class Registration

If a customer wants to cancel a class registration and receive a refund or credit, an organization can create a cancellation order, either manually or using the Order Cancellation wizard. This is the same process for canceling any other type of shipped order in Aptify.

See Canceling a Shipped Order for instructions.

However, when canceling a class registration, keep the following points in mind:

  • When using the Order Cancellation wizard for an order that has more than one order line for the same Class product, be sure to review the Order Lines record to determine which particular order line you are canceling.
    • In other words, click the ellipsis (...) button in the Product column to open a particular order line's Order Lines record and review the details on the Class Registration tab to confirm that you are canceling the registration for the appropriate.

Review Order Line Details to -Determine Which One to Cancel

  • If creating a manual order cancellation for an order that has more than one order line for the same Class product, review the Order Lines record when prompted to determine which particular order line you are canceling.
    • In other words, click the ellipsis (...) button in the Original Order Detail column to open a particular order line's Order Lines record and review the details on the Class Registration tab to confirm that you are canceling the registration for the appropriate student.

Select -Meeting Order Line to Cancel

  • Once the cancellation order has been processed, the Class Registration's status automatically changes to Withdrawal on the Class Registrations record and within the Order Lines form's Class Registration tab on both the original order and the cancellation order.

Reviewing the Class Registrations Record

A Class Registrations record is generated automatically by the Aptify Order Entry system or by the Class Registration wizard to keep track of students who have registered for a class. 

Class -Registrations Record
This record has the following characteristics:

  • Links a student to a particular class.
  • Tracks the student's initial Status:
    • Pending: student has applied for the class but the registration has not been approved (student has not completed all prerequisites).
    • Registered: student has registered for the class (an order has been created to bill the student for the class). 

Best Practice Recommendation

An organization can create a process pipeline to automatically send email notification to the appropriate employee when a class registration is created with the Pending status. See Managing Process Pipelines for details. Alternatively, an approver could create a view to display all Pending registrations that can be placed on a dashboard and monitored periodically. 

  • As the student attends class and completes assignments, an instructor can modify the Status and related fields (including Score, Percent Score, and Date Completed) to indicate the student's progress.

    Changing the status in the Class Registration record changes the Status in the corresponding Meeting Registration record, if applicable.

    • In-Progress: student is in the progress of taking the class.
    • Withdrawal: student has withdrawn from the class.
    • Passed: student has completed and passed the class.
    • Failed: student has completed and failed the class.
  • Links to the corresponding Order that contains the billing information for the class.
    • This field is blank for Class Registrations record created from the Class Registrations service with a Status of In-Progress, Withdrawal, Passed, or Failed (that is, any status except Pending or Registered).
  • The Payments tab is disabled if the specified Class is linked to a product with a Product Type of Class.
  • Can track a student's progress through lessons and other class parts on the Part Status tab. This is primarily for e-Learning environments to determine if a student has completed all or part of a particular lesson.
  • Stores Notes and Comments concerning this class registration.
    • The Class Registration wizard method's prerequisite check functionality automatically inserts comments into the Class Registrations record to indicate the actions that took place at the time the record was created (such as record was initially saved as Pending due to incomplete prerequisites).
    • If your organization allows students to access class information on-line from an e-Business website, then any notes the student adds is stored on his or her Class Registration's Student Notes tab. Since this tab is provided for student use and is available for students to read and edit, an organization or instructor should not enter any information on this tab which is not appropriate to share with a student.

Creating Curriculum Applications

Curriculum Application records track students who are applying for certification in a curriculum. Follow these steps to create a new Curriculum Applications record for a student:

  1. Open a new record from the Curriculum Applications service.
  2. Enter the student in the Applicant field.
  3. Enter the Program.
  4. Enter the Curriculum.
  5. By default, the system sets the Application Date to today's date. Modify this if necessary.

    Curriculum Applications Record
  6. Specify the application's Status. Standard options include Approved, On Hold, Denied, and Conditional Approval.
  7. Save the record.

As the student completes classes in this curriculum, the Education Management administrator can update the information on this record to track the student's progress, including linking certifications. See Linking Certifications to Curriculum Applications for more information. Also, see About the Curriculum Applications Form for information on the other fields on this form.

See About the Class Registrations Form for information on the fields that appear on the Class Registrations form.

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