About the Curriculum Definitions Form

Organizations use the Curriculum Definitions record to tie courses together into a coherent curriculum. Your organization might administer one current curriculum or might administer several at once, serving different educational needs or training personnel at different levels.

Attachments Tab

Attach any documents that are relevant to this curriculum on the Attachments tab.

Course Categories Tab

Optionally, use this tab to list course categories that are associated with this curriculum. To add a course category to the list, right-click in the gray area on the tab and select New. A Course Categories record displays, allowing you to connect a specific course category to this curriculum and indicate how many units of this course category are required. See About the Curriculum Definition Course Categories Form for more information.

General Tab

Name (Required)

Enter the name of the curriculum.


Enter any description of the curriculum.

Status (Required)

Select the status of the curriculum. Options are Active, Expired, or Cancelled. The default status is Active.

Category (Required)

Specifies the curriculum's category or program. This field links to the Curriculum Definition Categories service.

Schools Tab

Use this tab to list the schools that teach this curriculum. To add a school to the list, right-click in the gray area on the tab and select New. A Schools record displays, allowing you to connect a school to this curriculum. See About the Curriculum Definition Schools Form for more information.

Scope Tab

This tab uses Filter Rules to define who can view information about a curriculum definition on an e-Business website. By default, all curriculums are visible on an e-Business website to all Web Users. However, by entering one or more filter rules on this tab, an organization can control who can see this curriculum on-line on an e-Business website based on information in their Persons records and corresponding Companies records (if applicable).

When a Web User meets the scope's filter criteria, he or she can see information about this curriculum on-line on e-Business website. If a Web User does not meet the filter criteria, then this curriculum will not display on the e-Business site for that user. For example, a curriculum may be available only to Web Users linked to a specific company or those who perform a specific job function.


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