Note Concerning the Aptify Learning Management System

Several of the sub-topics in Using Education Management refer to an additional add-on application, the Aptify Learning Management System (LMS). Aptify LMS builds on the functionality already provided by Education Management and e-Business to provide automated tracking and grading of on-line courseware. Aptify LMS enables organizations to display SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and Tin Can 1.0 compliant content on an e-Business site for students who enroll in courses on-line.

Aptify installs the generic Learning Management System architecture, which is described in the topics listed in the Related Topics section. This architecture is designed to integrate Aptify with a third-party Learning Management System. The Aptify LMS Setup program installs Aptify Learning Management System implementation, leveraging the framework that already exists in Aptify.

See Using Aptify Learning Management System for information on the features and functionality of Aptify LMS.

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