About the Default Scantron File Format

Aptify's default implementation of the Scantron Import wizard assumes that the file to import is in the standard Scantron fixed-length file format. This means that each column is assumed to begin at a fixed position within the text file. For example, the Last Name column always begins with the 10th character and can consume a maximum of 20 characters.

The import file is assumed to have the following format:

  • SSN: Start: 1, length: 9
  • Last: Start: 10, length: 20
  • First: Start: 30; length: 14
  • Middle: Start: 44; length: 1
  • Gender: Start: 45; length: 3
  • Address: Start: 55; length: 18
  • City: Start: 73; length: 18
  • State: Start: 91; length: 2
  • Zip: Start: 93; length: 9
  • ExamDate: Start: 102; length: 8
  • Answers: Start: 128; length: 300

Note that an organization can configure the wizard to use a different format, if necessary. The wizard's file format is defined in the ScantronImport base class by the ParseScantronFileLine method. An organization can create a sub-class to override this method as needed and add a plug-in object to the Answer Sheets entity. See the Aptify Software Development Kit (SDK) for information on the Scantron Import object (Aptify.Applications.Education.ScantronImport).

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