Using the Scantron Import Wizard

The Scantron Import wizard provides an automated method for importing student test results and comparing them against the exam's master answer sheet.

The wizard imports a flat file of test score information into Answer Sheets records and compares the student's answers to the correct answers in the exam. If the answers match, the wizard updates the Answer Sheet's Answers accordingly and then totals the number of points and percentage scored. The status field is also updated during the wizard process based on the point totals or percentage score.

Follow these steps to import the results into Aptify Answer Sheets records using the Scantron Import wizard:

Before You Import The Tests Results File

Verify that the test results file is in the appropriate format by comparing it to the information in About the Default Scantron File Format.

  1. Create or open a view of the Answers Sheets service.
  2. Click the Scantron Import Wizard icon to launch the wizard from the Answer Sheets service.

    Scantron Import Wizard Icon

    The Scantron Import wizard requires that your system have at least one Member Types record with a Default Type of Persons in order to operate. The Member Types service is in the Customer Management application by default. See Using Customer and Member Management for more information on this service.


  3. Locate and select the file that contains the test results in the appropriate import format and click Next to continue.
  4. Enter the Class to which these test results apply in the field provided.

    Find Class Number
  5. Select the Exam to which the answer sheets apply from the drop-down list. Only exams listed in the Classes record you entered are available for selection.

    Select an Exam
  6. Click Finish to process the scantron results.
  7. Click OK when prompted that the process is complete.

For each student whose test responses are contained in the import file, Aptify automatically:

    • Creates an Answer Sheets record.
    • Compares the student's answers against the correct answers specified in the corresponding Exams record.
    • Computes the student's test score.
    • Updates the student's status (Passed or Failed) based on the passing criteria defined in the Exams record.

If applicable, the wizard creates a Persons record for any student whose test results are contained in the import file but who are not currently in the Aptify database. The default implementation of the Scantron Import wizard matches Persons records based on the Social Security Number (SSN) specified in the import file.


 Answer Sheet Created By Scantron Import Wizard

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