Managing Class Logistics

Once a class begins, you can manage the class logistics within the Classes record. This includes:

  • Reviewing the list of students who have registered for the class on the Registrations tab.  The details on this sub-tab are further divided by status including the following categories: RegistrantsWait List, AttendeesCancellations, and Registration Details.
  • Linking Exams and specifying exam information on the Exam tab. See Specifying Class Exams for details.
  • Creating Answer Sheets for students after they have completed an exam and linking them to the class. See Using the Answer Sheets Tab.
  • Tracking certification information for students who successfully complete the course. See Tracking a Class's Certificate Information.

Specifying Class Exams

Follow these steps to record exam information for a class:

  1. Open the Classes record and select the Exam tab.
  2. In the top area, specify the following information concerning the class's main exam (typically the final exam): 
    • Date Exams Sent: The date the exams were sent to the instructor, if applicable.
    • Date Exam Given: The date or expected date when the final exam will be given.
    • # Expected Students: The number of students expected to take the exam.
    • # Re-Test Answer Sheets: This field can be filled in at a later date to track the number of re-test issued for this exam (assuming re-tests are allowed by organization policy).
    • Verified By: This field identifies the employee who verified the exam and the exam copies prior to providing to the instructor.
  3. For each exam given in the class, create an Exam/Assignments record, as described below:
    • Right-click in the gray area on the Exams tab and select New to open a new Exam/Assignment record.
    • Enter the Exam Date, which is the date the exam is scheduled to be given to the class.
    • Enter the date the exams were sent to the instructor in the Date Exam Sent field. If this class is a distance-learning initiative, you can use this field to specify when an exam was sent to the student.
    • Select the Exam Method for the exam from the drop-down list. Choose either Classroom, E-mail, Electronic Disk, or Web.
    • Enter or select the name of the exam that will be used for this class.
    • See Creating an Exam for more information on setting up an exam for a course or class.
    • Enter the number of exams sent to the instructor.
    • Enter the Start and End Serial Numbers for the exams sent.
    • Indicate whether or not the exam is the final exam for the class in the Final Exam check box.


    • Click OK to save and close the Exams/Assignments record.

  4. Save the Classes record.

Using the Answer Sheets Tab

The Answer Sheets tab becomes active after the initial save of the Classes record. Each student in the class who took a test will have a corresponding Answer Sheets record after the Scantron wizard is run or the answer sheets are manually entered into the Classes record.

You can add an Answer Sheet record manually to the class record from the Answer Sheet tab. Generally, this is done for non-scantron type tests such as an essay or short answer tests where the answers are more subjective. The record will only be able to indicate whether the student passed or failed because the scoring fields are only populated through the Scantron wizard process.

See Creating an Answer Sheet for more information about manually creating the Answer Sheet record and Using the Scantron Import Wizard for information on automatically creating Answer Sheet records with the Scantron Wizard.

Tracking a Class's Certificate Information

When a class is complete, follow these steps to track information about the certificates sent to students who passed the class.

  1. Select the Certificates tab.
    • Leave the Date Certificates Sent field blank. Aptify automatically populates this field when a user runs the Certificate Print wizard for this class.
  2. Select the recipient for the certificates.
    • Available options are the instructor or the individual students.

  3. If the Certificate Recipient is Instructor, click the Location tab and enter the address where the class certificates should be sent as the Certification Address.

  4. Save and close the Classes record.
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