Using the Instructors Tab in Courses

The Instructors tab in the Courses record lists the instructors that teach the associated course. Each list item represents an Instructors record. If the Requires Registered Instructor option is selected on the Courses record, a list of instructors is required in order to select an instructor for a class later in the Education Management setup.

The Instructor record consists of three parts:

  • The General tab, which stores the instructor's name and status.
  • The Comments tab, which stores any additional information concerning this instructor.
  • The Designations tab, which stores any specific designations the instructor is required to have to teach the class. Instructor designations, initially located in the Instructor Designations service, can represent any specific requirement such as a specific degree, an instructor certification or a specific location, and can be created in the service or from the hyperlink on the Designations form.

Creating an Instructors Record

Follow these steps to create an Instructors record:

  1. From the Instructors tab,  select New to open an Instructor Form.

  2. Enter or find an Instructor name from the Persons service. If the instructor is not currently in the Persons service, create a new Persons record for the instructor. See Creating a Persons Record for more information.
  3. Enter the Status of the instructor. The default value is Active. Selecting Inactive allows the instructor to be associated with the course, but when choosing an instructor for a class, the Class record will require that the instructor has an Active status.
  4. Specify the Rank, if desired. This is an optional field that can be used by Education Management administrators as they see fit.
  5. If you wish to add instructor designations, click the Designations tab and select an instructor designation or create a new one from the hyperlink. Also, specify additional information about the designation, such as the Start and End Dates and the current status.
  6. Click OK to save the new information.

Instructor Designations Service

To create a new Instructor Designation record, open a new Instructor Designations Form from the Instructor Designations service. Enter the name for the new designation and a description.

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