Using the Course Enrollment Types Tab in Courses

The Course Enrollment Types tab on the Courses form contains a list of the types of students that can enroll in this course. Each item in the list links to a Course Enrollment Type records. The Course Enrollment Types are a broad type that can be defined by the course administrators and used for various purposes based on your business processes. In some instances, you may want to use the field as a way of classifying the course for full time or part time students, for members, affiliates or non-member types, or classroom, internet or home study types.

Creating a Course Enrollment Type Record

Follow these steps to create a course enrollment type:

  1. From the Enrollment Type tab on the Course record, select New to open a Course Enrollment Types form.

  2. Select the Enrollment Type from the Enrollment Type service.
  3. Enter a Price in the corresponding field, if desired.
    • This price is for tracking purposes only. Students are charged a price based on the Prices configured in a class's corresponding Products record.
  4. Optionally, to link the enrollment type to a product, enter the Product name designated to be used during order entry process.
  5. Click the Comments tab and enter any particular comments about this enrollment type.
  6. Click the Course Materials tab and create Course Materials record to track the items that students need to participate in this course. 

    Note that this is for informational purposes only and does not drive additional system functionality by default. See the description of the Course Materials tab in About the Course Enrollment Types Form for details.

  7. Click OK.

Enrollment Type Service

To create an enrollment type from the Enrollment Type service, open a new Enrollment Type form and enter the name of the new enrollment type and a description. See About the Enrollment Types Form for more information.

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