Tracking Campaign Costs

The Campaigns form includes a Costs tab that lets an organization track the various expenses incurred with promoting a marketing campaign. A user can then generate reports based on this information.

Follow these steps to record the costs associated with a marketing campaign:

  1. Open the Campaigns record.
  2. Click Costs tab.
  3. Click New icon in the toolbar to open a new Costs sub-type record.
  4. Enter the cost type in the Type field. 
  5. Enter Currency Type in which you want to track the expense. 
    • Note that the Currency Type field defaults to the organization's functional currency. You can modify the currency type as needed to track costs in different currencies. 
  6. Enter the forecasted expense amount in the Forecast field.

  7. Click Comments tab and enter additional information about this cost estimate.
  8. Click OK to save and close the record.
  9. Add additional Costs records, as needed.
    • Alternatively, you can select OK and New in Step 8 to save the current record and open a new Costs record in one step. 
  10. Save the Campaigns record.
  11. At a later date when the final cost of the item is known, return to the Campaign's Costs tab and open the Costs record.
  12. Enter the actual cost amount in the Actual field.
  13. Click OK to save and close the record.
  14. Save the Campaigns record.
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