Forecasting Campaign Activity

A Campaigns record includes an Activity Forecast tab that an organization can use to track activities associated with the campaign, such as direct mail announcements. Follow these steps to track a campaign's activities:

  1. While a campaign is still in the planning stages, open the Campaigns record and click the Activity Forecast tab.
  2. Click New icon in the sub-type toolbar to open a new record.
  3. Select an activity type from the Item drop-down list.
    • This drop-down list includes the following options by default: Direct Mail, 800 Calls, Email, and Customer Service Calls.
    • An administrator can add additional options to the Values list for the Item field in the CampaignActivity sub-type entity, as necessary. 
  4. Enter the number associated with this activity in the Forecast field.
    • For example, enter the number of direct mailing notices the organization plans to send as part of this campaign.


  5. Enter any additional information in the Comments field.
  6. Click OK to save the record.
  7. Add additional Activity Forecast records, as necessary.
    • Alternatively, you can select OK and New in Step 6 to save the current record and open a new Activity Forecast record in one step. 
  8. Save and close the Campaigns record.
  9. When the marketing campaign is complete, return to the Campaign's Activity Forecast tab and update each record with the actual amount associated with the forecasted item.
    • For example, if the organization expected 4500 mailings to go out but 346 were returned as non-deliverable, the organization can track that 4154 were actually delivered by specifying this number in the Actual field.


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