About the Inventory On Order Form

Information regarding inventory purchases is typically entered by the purchasing department through the Inventory On Order records. Service representatives can access this information at the time of order to give useful feedback to customers in the event of a back order situation.

The Inventory On Order record is accessible from the Inventory > On Order tab of the Products record. The number of units currently on order (that is, orders not yet received and not cancelled) appear in the Inventory tab's Quantity On Order field.

 Inventory on Order is for informational purposes only and will not automatically create a product inventory ledger entry for the purchase of those goods.

Date Ordered (Required)

The Date Ordered field is the date the inventory order for the product is placed. The default value is the current date.

Quantity Ordered (Required)

The quantity of the product ordered is entered in the Quantity Ordered field.

Date Expected (Required)

The Date Expected field represents the date the order is expected to arrive.


Enter the vendor from whom the product is ordered. This field links to the Companies service.

Coming From

The geographical location where the product originates is stored in the Coming From field.


The warehouse location is where the order is stored when received. This field links to the Organizations service. If your organization has created a separate Organizations record for each warehouse, enter the warehouse that will receive the shipment in this field. If your organization is tracking warehouses at the Inventory Locations level, enter the organization which is responsible for the order in this field instead.

Date Received

The date the inventory order is received is contained in the Date Received field.

Quantity Received

The Quantity Received field stores the quantity of inventory received.


This option indicates the inventory order is cancelled. By default, this option is not selected.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Inventory On Order record.


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