How to Use Inventory Control

To add inventory to a product, several items need to be established or created before the inventory functions in Aptify can work properly. These items must be set up initially in the following sequence.

The following steps (and their accompanying sections) describe how to setup inventory information for a product in Aptify:

  1. Modify the Products record, if necessary, to require that the product has inventory before it can be sold in the Order Entry system.
  2. Create one or more storage locations, or Inventory Locations, for the inventory if none exists.
  3. Create a ledger (Product Inventory Ledger) to record product inventory activity.
    • Each Product Inventory Ledger is specific to a product and an inventory location. So, if a product exists in multiple locations, it will need multiple product inventory ledgers.
    • See Creating Product Inventory Ledgers for details.

  4. As inventory is ordered, create Inventory On Order records to track when units are expected in inventory.
  5. As inventory is received, create ledger entries (Product Inventory Ledger Entries) to add inventory to the product's ledgers.

After inventory has been established for a product, Aptify automatically manages the product's inventory level as orders are taken and shipped. See Understanding How Business Processes Affect Inventory for details.

During the normal course of business, an organization may need to modify a product's inventory information, such as record the movement of inventory from one location to another or adjusting the cost basis for a particular inventory entry. See Managing Product Inventory Levels for information on how Aptify facilitates these types of processes.

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