Modifying Message Template Security Settings

By default, a Message Template created using the Messaging dialog has Scope set to User. If you created a template in the Messaging dialog, follow these steps to make available to other users:

  1. Open the template's record in the Message Templates service.
  2. Change the Scope from User to Global.
  3. Configure the template's security settings.
    • If you want this template to be visible to all users in the Messaging dialog's Load Template window, leave the Allow Everyone option selected.
    • To limit access to this template to specific users and/or groups, clear the Allow Everyone option. 
  4. Add the users and groups who should have access to this template under the Group Permissions and User Permissions tabs. Any user or group that has a sub-type record under one of these tabs will be able to use this template.

    Reserved for Future Use

    The Read, Edit, and Delete check boxes on the permissions form are reserved for future use.

  5. Save and close the record.

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