Using Localization Administration

By default, Aptify presents system information in English. However, this may not be the primary language for many of an organization's users. Organizations in non-English speaking countries or organizations that have a presence in multiple countries or regions may wish to present Aptify field names and captions in other languages specific to each particular user.

Therefore, Aptify provides a localization solution that manages multiple cultures and displays culture-specific text on a per-user basis. For example, when an English-speaking user opens a form, a Name field has a Name caption, but when a Spanish-speaking user opens the same form, the Name field has a Nombre caption.

The Localization Administration application contains several services that defines the supported cultures and the text strings that can appear in multiple languages. Also, this functionality is not limited only to language but extends to alternate spellings and region-specific dialects as well. For example, the Americans, British, and Australians all use the English language, but each culture varies in its specific implementation. With Aptify, an organization can define different culture strings that map to various spellings in the same language (such as "color" in US English and "colour" in UK English).

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