Implementing the Aptify Web Interface

The Aptify Web Interface for the Aptify platform designed using HTML5. With this interface, a user can connect to Aptify using a web browser to perform many of the same tasks available with the Aptify Desktop client, including the ability to run views and work with records.


Important Note Concerning Aptify Web Implementations

It is important that you review and follow the steps in this topic for a successful implementation of the Aptify web interface. It is also important to note that client‐side configurations (form layout controls, etc.) will not work as‐is and will need to be re‐implemented for the Aptify web interface. There may be several post‐installation modifications and optimizations required in addition to the items mentioned in this topic.

It is highly likely that Aptify will need to get involved to iron out any issues that arise during setup and implementation. You can choose to do the implementation yourself or utilize Aptify’s “Get to the Web” support package to help your organization. With this package, Aptify will:

  • Install the latest Aptify database updates and the web interface.
  • Review business processes
  • Identify configuration gaps.
  • Staff Training
  • Production deployment
  • UAT and Go‐live Support.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this package, contact the Client Success team.


This topic includes the following information to help you get started using the Aptify web browser interface:

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