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Use the Questions record to create a list of questions for each Exams record. The Scantron wizard requires completed Questions records together with the completed Exams record before it can correctly grade student answer sheets.

Access the Questions record from the Exams service from the Questions tab and select New. A window displays.

General Tab

Code (Required)

Enter the code for this question. Typically this is the question number. The code must have 1-10 characters.

Points (Required)

Enter the number of points that this question is worth on the exam. The default is zero. When the question and the exam are both saved to the database, Aptify Education Management automatically updates the Number of Points and Number of Questions fields on the General tab for this Exams record.


Enter the text of the question.

Type (Required)

Select the question type. Options are Multiple ChoiceTrue/False, and Essay. The default is Multiple Choice.

Answer (Required)

Enter the correct answer to the question. If the question type is Essay, list the points that the student needs to cover in the essay to get full credit for the question.

The Scantron wizard is case-sensitive—it considers A and a to be different answers. Ensure that the case you enter here aligns with the options the students have on their Scantron sheets. If they do not agree, no student will score any points on the exam.

Instructor Notes

Enter any notes from the instructor regarding this question.

Possible Answers Tab

The Possible Answers tab maintains a list of possible answers to the question. To add a possible answer, open the Possible Answers tab from the Questions record and select New. The Possible Answers window displays.

Code (Required)

Usually the code is a multiple-choice answer (A, B, C, or D).

Description (Required)

Enter a description of the possible answer.


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