Getting Started Developing for e-Business 6 / 7

e-Business 6/7 are the new platform for e-commerce that's directly connected to your Aptify database. We've developed one modern development platform, with continuous development and improvements released.

The benefits of e-business 6/7 are: 

  • Only what you need: It was built for speed​, and is CMS Agnostic​, and is a self-service member portal and e-commerce platform to meet your member needs. 

  • Seamless Integrations: completely configurable & expandable, with self-documenting REST API (and many stock end points), to allow total control of security. Seamlessly Integrates with E-Business Classic​ and many others via Single Sign On (SSO) to any application.

  • Industry Standard Modern Application Stack​: with an HTML & Javascript front end, and responsive, mobile first​ approach, the site is easy to style, and requires no Aptify specific knowledge. 

  • Separate Front-End and Services layers: with complete separation of front-end and services development​, you can use any or all of the pieces​, as there are independent individual controls included in the stock site, as well as many end points to carry out of all your member needs.

e-Business 6/7 can be implemented using one of the following strategies: 

  • A big bang, all at once approach: Use both the front end and services layers, and start from the starter site provided. 
  • Peaceful Coexistence – ​Separate Sites (2 Sites, 2 Versions): Have an e-business 6/7 website that is part of your eco-system, keeping your existing e-business classic website, or other websites separate, with SSO in between. 

  • Peaceful Coexistence – ​Same Site (1 Site, 2 Versions)​:  Include e-business 6/7 controls in the same website as your .NET controls, with a shared context. 

  • Your Own Front End – ​e-Business Services Only​: Have a custom front end that uses the e-business 6/7 REST API to connect to the Aptify Framework. 

For more information, please find the following topics:

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