On this page you will find video recordings of the training sessions created leading up to the e-Business release. Most weeks have homework sessions that require the attendees to recreate the new functionality created during the recording. Week 1 is the exception to this. At the end of the recording for week 1 homework is given and at the start of week 2 we cover how to accomplish it. Any mentions of patches or bug fixes during the training have been incorporated into the final release of the product.  The password for all videos on this page is:  Ebiz6Beta


Week 1 

  • product installation
  • product overview
  • front end control structure
  • backend end point concepts

Week 2

  • Review of week 1 home work
  • Generic process flows
  • Removing fields from the UI
  • Important security considerations between presented front end UI and available actions through services
  • $ref in JSON metadata
  • company search
  • saving company on the profile

Week 3

  • Generic GE Process Flows
  • Exposing Employment History through Get, Create and Delete actions.
  • Shopping Cart Concepts

Week 4

  • Implementing a new product type for the cart through services (Fundraising products)
  • Dependency injection and adding new cart product verifiers
  • Security framework and locking down the employment history end points

Week 5

  • Security through parent routes
  • Custom security requirements
  • Putting the front end into a CMS

Week 6

  • Adding more values to Authenticated Attributes
  • Image Sync Utility
  • Topic Codes API
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