Known Issues with the Web Interface

Below is a list of known issues in Aptify Web Interface. These issues will be resolved in future releases:

Known Issue in the Aptify web interface Resolved in Release

Browser URL is not getting refreshed when we remove /add an application from the Left Application panel:

If an application dashboard is accessed, the dashboard loads with the application, and in the URL, the Dashboard ID has appeared. In the same state, if navigated back to application button and from the application list, when an application is removed, the Aptify Web gets refreshed, but it shows the removed application dashboard. In the URL, the same dashboard ID is available which has been removed from the Left application folder list.


Add Breadcrumb at the top of the pane:

When a service is accessed from an application and navigated back to the home page, the dashboard and the breadcrumbs get updated, but the left pane still remains in the service state and does not get auto updated in parallel with breadcrumbs.


Aptify Web: Problems related to Improvement in Pin Board Functionality:

From a Person Summary form, when the Person Full Record is opened to remove the company details and after saving it, if the Global Pin is used to pin the full record, the name of the record on the Pin Board is reflected as Person Name/Company Name due to the Summary form is still being opened and the header of it is not auto-updated after removing the company details.

Expected result: The header name of the Summary form must be auto updated and name on the Pin Board should only reflect the Person Name. This issue will be fixed in the future release.


Aptify Web: Form Template may not open or load properly

In Aptify Web, there is an issue where the form template may not open or load properly if the form template part height value is Zero. Manually update the desired height value to make sure that the form template loads properly. This issue will be fixed in the future release.

Expected Result: The form template should load as expected by automatically defining the height value.


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