New Features


The following new features/enhancements have been included in Aptify 6.4:

Company Administrator: Event Registrations Management

With e-Business 6.4, the Company Administrators have the ability to perform tasks and update information on behalf of other users for Events.  Actions available to the Company Administrators include:

  • View Events Registration Listings
  • View Event details for Upcoming and Past Events
  • Search for Events
  • Register Persons for Events
  • Manage the Event Registration of the members belonging to multiple Companies they are Administrator with.

Refer to Registering for an Event for the instructions.

Company Administrator: Purchase Membership Management

With e-Business 6.4, the Company Administrators have the ability to enroll new members on the e-Business site. Actions available to the Company Administrator include:

  • Retrieve the details of non-members
  • Select the person(s) to Purchase Memberships for
  • Select the type of Membership for the selected person(s)
  • Specify each membership's individual Auto-renewal status

Refer to Purchasing a Membership for the instructions.

Azure/AWS Load Balancer documentation for Aptify Web and e-Business

Aptify 6.4 provides documentation for setting up a Load Balancer in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage traffic to Aptify Web and e-Business websites. The documentation outlines the path and process to set up Aptify Web (HTTPS traffic) as well as e-Business Classic (HTTP traffic) though similar methods can be followed to set up an Azure Load Balancer for any other website, such as e-Business 6.

 A load balancer is a tool that helps boost the resiliency and performance of a website by routing front-end traffic to a number of backend servers. A load balancer directs incoming web traffic to one of the backend servers to spread out the load, thus improving performance. Should one of the backend servers be inaccessible, the load balancer will route traffic appropriately. Thus, a load balancer can improve the performance of a website but also serves as a failover redundancy option. See Load Balancing Aptify for more details. 

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