Resolved Issues

This section contains the Bug fix description of Aptify 6.4 release as given below:

Additional diagnostics when view SQL fail in services, cap on query results

Aptify 6.4 Web has been enhanced to include improved diagnostics in case of a SQL view failure and to handle "out of memory" warnings while returning large query results. In case a SQL view fails on Aptify Web application, an exception will be logged in the Event Viewer stating that the provided SQL failed, and a base view has been returned instead. Also, to avoid out of memory error, web.config files has been modified to enforce the TopRecord setting. As a result, the service will not consume all memory while getting result sets for a large query.

Attribute information from web.config file:

<add key="Aptify.Services.General.TopRecord" value="500"/>

(Issue 4769)

Kendo-Contact log > Load from Template popup UI load problem

While creating a new contact log record in customer management, the load from template pop-up was not displaying the templates on Aptify Web. This issue has been resolved in 6.4.

(Issue 5050)

Few Entities Record IDs are shown as Undefined.

The Record IDs of Persons, Orders, Company, and Product were displaying as undefined in the record tab heading. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 5373)

Hitting Cancel for Messaging Wizard Confirmation Dialog loses entire message

In Aptify, the Messaging wizard dialogue– “Do you really want to send this message?”–was not working as expected. When the user clicked cancel button to go back to the message, the entire message was getting wiped out. This issue has been fixed, now when the user clicks cancel button, they will be taken back to the original message and the wizard will persist it’s previous state.

(Issue 5656)

ProductCache: Unable to locate Product Information with an ID of 0

In Aptify, while processing an order creation from the app server for Product ID 0, the application for specific client configurations was logging exception– “Unable to locate Product Information with an ID of  0” in Error Log table. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 5663)

Paying a Quotation Order in Aptify with a Hosted Payment Page (HPP) Creates a Payment with the Order Date and Not Today's Date

In Aptify, while paying a quotation order on Order form using BluePay HPP, incorrect payment date and effective date was set. The payment record showed the quotation order date rather than the date when the payment was done. This issue has now been resolved.

(Issue 5853)

Event Viewer is spammed with message about DefaultScheme not being set

With 6.3 version of Aptify, the application continuously reported following message to Event Viewer. This issue has been resolved. The application will no longer spam the Event Viewer with the message.

Message: “The Attribute Value [Aptify.Services.Authentication.DefaultScheme] could not be found.”

(Issue 5925)

Set UpdateBadgeInfoThroughBusinessLogic value to false for Aptify Smart Client and Aptify Web          

In Aptify, any changes made to the badge values from an order line meeting product were getting overwritten whenever a user saved the order. As part of the fix, the value of UpdateBadgeInfoThroughBusinessLogic attribute is set to false as default in configuration file of Smart Client (shell.config) and Aptify Web (web.config). Please note that the below attribute value is set to True for e-Business 6 and false for the rest of the application.

Attribute information:

<add key="Aptify.Applications.OrdersEntity.Meetings.UpdateBadgeInfoThroughBusinessLogic" value="false"/>

(Issue 5943)

Selection of records on General Ledger (GL) Batch Wizard pulling all records from the view

In Aptify Web, there was an issue with selection of records on GL Batch wizard. The wizard was displaying entire view record result for credit and debit amount instead of displaying the data as per user selected records. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6002)

SSRS and Crystal Reports are not Loading since 6.3 Upgrade

After upgrading to Aptify Web 6.3, Crystal Reports and SSRS Reports did not load. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6012)

Inventoried meeting getting incorrect status as Registered when there is no inventory available.

In Aptify, there was an issue with the inventoried meeting status. If a user placed an order for a meeting with no available spot, the status was being displayed as Registered instead of Waiting. This issue has been resolved, now a pop-up message appears stating that there is no inventory available and that the person would be placed in the wait list.

Below attributes are added to Aptify Shell.exe.config:

<add key="Aptify.Applications.OrdersEntity.SkipAllowBackordersValidation" value="true"/>
<add key="Aptify.Applications.OrdersEntity.PreventNonBackOrderProductInOrderWithoutInventory" value="true"/>

(Issue 6019) 

Credit Card Reference Transactions are not working with Bluepay

In Aptify 6.2 and Aptify 6.3, while processing credit card reference payments with Bluepay, an error message “Credit card verification failed” was being encountered. This issue has been resolved by adding following new attribute to the configuration files through setup.

For Desktop application, below attribute has been added to file:

<add key="Aptiy.Framework.Payment.ClientInformationProvider" value="Aptify.Applications.OrderEntry.Payments.ClientValuesDesktop.DesktopClientInformationProvider, ClientValuesDesktop, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f3fa0ecabf9514d9"/> 

For Aptify Web, respective web.config file has been updated with following attribute:

<add key="Aptiy.Framework.Payment.ClientInformationProvider" value="Aptify.Applications.OrderEntry.Payments.ClientValuesServices.ServicesClientInformationProvider, ClientValuesServices, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f3fa0ecabf9514d9"/> 

(Issue 6040)

Login screen and splash screen for desktop 6.4 application has been updated to remove version reference

The login screen and splash screen for desktop application will no longer show the application version reference. The change has been done inline with the automation of the setup activity

(Issue 6043)

Save for Later function saving credit card information in database

In Aptify, while processing credit card reference transaction payment for an order, if the option "Save for Future use" is selected, the credit card number was being stored in an incorrect format in the database. This has been rectified.

 (Issue 6071)

Company Persons Entity List View (ELV)Hangs after sort

In Aptify Web, there was an issue found in the sort operation on Persons view in Company records. When a user performed sort operation on ELV headers, Aptify would become unresponsive sometimes with a message–"You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page”. This issue has been resolved, now the ELV sorting is working as expected.

(Issue 6072)

Order line description coming up as Booth: undefined

In Aptify Web application, there was an issue while overriding the product description of an order through Edit Order Line button; the content of the description was being displayed as “Booth: undefined”. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6085)

Subscription Renewal wizard fails for large numbers of records

In Aptify Web, there was an issue with Subscription Renewal Wizard for selection of large number of records; the wizard failed to create quotation order with an exception. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6089)

Subscription Renewal wizard fails for Date Prompt operators

There was an issue seen in Aptify 6.2 and Aptify 6.3 in Renew Subscription wizard for prompted view with Date prompt operators. When the records in a prompted view were filtered based on dates, for example, END DATE, START DATE; the Renew Subscription wizard failed with an error message– “Process Flow Failed: Result Code - Failed”. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6090)

Some Advanced SQL views do not display Paging or Record Count

In Aptify, some of the views with advanced SQL did not display the pagination correctly at the bottom of an Entity List View (ELV). This issue has been resolved. 

(Issue 6092)

Prompted List Views with Grouping and Aggregation Features does not Load

In Aptify Web, there was an issue with prompted list views consisting of grouping and aggregation features. Running the views did not show results, the process appeared to be hung. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6093)

Entity Bulk Operations (EBO) wizard is not working on prompted view

In Aptify Web, after upgrading to 6.3 release version, there was an issue while running EBO such as Subscription Renewal wizard on prompted view. The EBO’s failed and an error message was being displayed. This has been resolved.

(Issue 6094)

Close Meeting Wizard Filter and Change Selected button does not work as expected.

In Aptify Web, there were issues seen with Filter drop-down on the Close Meeting wizard. The Filter drop-down did not filter the records based on the selection. These issues have been resolved.

(Issue 6095)

Wizard Run on View-Based ELV Runs on all Records

In Aptify Web, there was an issue with some ELVs that showed data related to the current record by using stock filters. The ELV displayed correct records, but when a EBO wizard was run (without selecting anything), the wizard executed on all records. This was an incorrect behavior, the EBO should run for ELV filtered records only. This issue has been fixed.

(Issue 6098)

Bug when running messaging wizard for a prompted view on a multi base view

In Aptify Web, after creating a prompted view using a multi base view, if we run the messaging wizard on the result view records without selecting any record, it will throw an error. This issue has been resolved.

(Issue 6110)



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