Best Practices When Modifying Entity Structure

The structure for every entity in Aptify is stored in the Entities service. While Aptify does provide the flexibility to modify the structure of entities, only entities related to membership or customer management data should be modified. Please note that modification in this context refers to adding, deleting or altering field structures, not modifying the data contained within the entity record. Modifying the structure of framework entities could affect the core performance of Aptify and will void the Software Licensing Agreement warranty.

To modify the structure of the entities in membership or customer-management related databases, the administrator or developer should edit the desired entity through the Entities service, which implements the built-in features of Record History and system-generation of related database objects. Modifying the data structure through the Entities service allows the Aptify engine to keep the system metadata up-to-date and in sync with the physical system configuration. The Aptify metadata is an inherent component of the Aptify framework.


Do not modify a Framework entity unless you have been authorized in writing by Aptify. Framework entities have the IsFrameworkEntity bit set to 1. If in doubt concerning a particular entity, contact Aptify for assistance.

Unauthorized modification of this entity will violate the terms of your Software License and eliminate all Software warranties.

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