Best Practices for Editing Aptify Data

Since Aptify uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine, technically there are many ways to edit the actual data in the tables. Aptify recommends using the user interface tools provided in Aptify, such as forms, wizards, and Entity Bulk Operations, to edit the data. This method is recommended because of the features built into these tools that are not available if other data modification methods are used. The following list identifies just some of the benefits realized when editing Aptify data with Aptify tools.

  • The business logic stays intact: For example, when a linked field exists on a form, the text in the description field for the linked record displays, but the value that is stored in the record referencing the link is actually the ID value of the linked record. By using the Aptify tools to link the field, the correct ID value is stored and the integrity of the data is kept intact. 

    Another example could be a form that contains a field that lists a set of values (for example the Pay Type field on the Bill To form of an Orders record). When the Aptify tools are used to update this field, it will always contain a valid entry because the only values that are available are those contained on the Payment Types service.

  • The data changes are tracked in Record History: Aptify provides a complete revision tracking system for all records in the database. The changes made to a record are stored in chronological order including who made the change and when. By using Aptify tools to edit a record, there is the ability to identify the person who modified an individual record as well as restoring previous versions of a record while maintaining all record versions. Aptify also offers a feature that allows records to be reverted back to previous saved versions. This tool is only effective if the record history of the data changes is available.

  • The system remains in compliance: The system remains in compliance with the Software Licensing Agreement warranty when specific guidelines are followed. Deviations from the best practices regarding data modifications will void the software warranty.
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