OneDrive Integration with Aptify Web

With OneDrive integration, an option will now be available for Aptify Web Users to be able to download/attach files from OneDrive to Aptify Web application. Please note that the Existing attachment feature available in Aptify Web will not be impacted and will continue to work as expected.

This article consists of below topics:


  1. Generate OneDriveAppID on Azure where you need to register your hosted Aptify application.
  2. To generate OneDriveAppID, follow the instructions given here.

Note: Please contact your IT team and extract the OneDrive account Secret Key.
Refer for the steps to extract the same.

Configuration steps

  1. Open “Applications.Configuration.External.js” attribute file which is generally available under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Aptify\script\Aptify\configuration path.
  2. Look for below OneDrive code where you need to enter OneDriveAppID and OneDriveRedirectURL:

    Update the following attributes OneDriveAppID and OneDriveRedirectURL in the config file as shown below:

    Aptify.applications.configuration.OneDriveApp= <Insert the OneDrive App ID found from step 1 above>

    Aptify.applications.configuration.OneDriveRedirectURL= <Insert the application URL here>

  3. Save file, reset IIS, and clear cache.
  4. Please click here to know more about how to work with OneDrive Integration.

Working with OneDrive Integration

Please follow the instruction given below to download/attach the document from OneDrive.

  1. Login into the Aptify Web as an end-user.
  2. Navigate to Customer Management->Persons->Create list view.
  3. Click Person record and from the summary page, go to the person details page.
  4. Navigate to the Attachment tab.
  5. Click on the OneDrive button.
  6. Login to OneDrive using your credentials.
  7. Select an attachment (Excel, Word, PPT, button, GIF, JPG, MOV, MP3, PNG, TIFF, WAV, WMV, Text, PDF, Zip, etc.)

    If you select the wrong attachment, click on Cancel button and attach the correct one.

  8. Go to OneDrive, select attachment, and click Open.
    Selected file displays under pending attachments.
  9. Save person record.
  10. Go to Contact->Attachment.
  11. Verify file buttons and file extension.
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