Working with Screenpop Feature in Aptify

With Aptify 6.0, the support for ScreenPop feature integration is provided which helps the customer service agent to identify the caller automatically. When an association receives a call, the system identifies the caller phone number and displays the associated Person/Company record in Aptify Web Interface. The person/company record can be opened from the ScreenPop shown in the web interface. Multiple records will be displayed on the ScreenPop if the identified phone number is linked to multiple records.

This topic contains the following sub-topics that describe the ScreenPop feature setup procedure and its functionalities:

ScreenPop Feature Functionality in Aptify

The ScreenPop feature displays the matched record(s) ScreenPop on the Aptify Web Interface after the Aptify Endpoints receive information through a generic Aptify endpoint call from the middleware and determine the record(s).

When a customer service agent answers the received call from a customer, the telephone system passes the phone number and other attributes to the middleware. The middleware processes the received data and converts it to a compatible format for the Aptify Endpoints. It triggers a generic Aptify endpoint call to communicate with the Aptify Endpoints and transfers the caller information. The middleware also matches the association employee record to identify the person who has picked up the call and passes the same information to Aptify Endpoints.

Note that the Middleware must be developed by the Association with respect to their Telephone System.

The Aptify Endpoints receives the caller information and creates a new ScreenPopLog record. The caller's phone number will be searched in Persons and Company services of Aptify and all the matched records are displayed in a pop-up screen of Aptify Web Interface. The pop-up screen contains a title bar, header (phone number information) and the matched results. The matched results are grouped and displayed according to the entity. With the call-receiver information received from the Middleware, the Aptify Endpoints help the application to display the Screenpop only to the employee who has answered the call.

Aptify ScreenPop EndPoint:

Below is an example of the Aptify Endpoint Request and Response:


	"ScreenPopProviderID": 1,
	"Custom1": "(301) 9285367",
	"Custom2": "99999",
	"Custom3": "1234",
	"Custom4": "",
	"Custom5": ""


  "status": "success",
  "result": {
    "userID": 1,
    "HTML": "99999<br>(301) 9285367",
    "matches": [
        "entityName": "Companies",
        "recordID": 1
        "entityName": "Persons",
        "recordID": 2546

The following are the scenarios where the ScreenPop is shown in Aptify Web Interface:

Single Result

The ScreenPop displays a single record only when the searched caller phone number linked to a single record in Aptify.

Multiple Results

The ScreenPop displays multiple records when the searched caller's phone number is linked to one or more records in Aptify.

No Match

The ScreenPop does not display any record(s) when the searched caller's phone number is not linked to any records in Aptify.

Setup for ScreenPop Feature Support

Follow the below steps to integrate the ScreenPop feature support in Aptify:

The ScreenPop feature is only supported in a Single Web Server and is not supported with servers in a cluster environment.

  1. Log into Aptify Web Interface with Administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to the 'Controller Configurations' service in the 'Web Services' application.
  3. Open a 'New Controller Configurations Record'.
  4. Enter the Name and Controller details as shown in the below figure.

    The Record Name and Controller Name provided in the below figure is an example. The Administrator can define these names as per the requirement.


  5.  Save and close the record.
  6. Open the 'Aptify Web Collection' record from the 'Controller Configuration Collections' service.
  7. Navigate to the 'Controller Configurations' tab.
  8. Click the new 'Controller configuration' record.
  9. Insert the 'ScreenPop' controller configuration and click OK.
  10. The 'ScreenPop' controller configuration is added to the 'Controller Configurations' tab.
  11. Save and close the 'Aptify Web Collection' record.
  12. Log into Aptify Desktop Client with Administrator privileges.
  13. Navigate to the 'Services' in the 'Object Repository' application.
  14. Locate the 'ScreenPop' dll in the Object Repository Administration.
  15. Right-click the 'ScreenPop' dll and download the 'ScreenPop' dll file.
  16. Navigate to the download path and locate the 'ScreenPop' dll file.
  17. Relocate the downloaded 'ScreenPop' dll file in the bin folder of your Aptify setup environment. By default, the environment path is '<Site directory>/inetpub\wwwroot\AptifyServicesAPI\bin'.
  18. Stop and Start the Application Pool Services of Aptify application.
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