Using the Desktop Client Toolbars

The Aptify Desktop client toolbars contain buttons that provide easy access to system features. Many of these toolbar buttons are common to other Windows applications. These toolbar buttons also contain ToolTips, which are brief text descriptions that display when hovering the mouse over an icon or button. Certain buttons, such as Messaging, only appear for specific services where that functionality is available.

Your version of Aptify may contain additional buttons not described here. Aptify provides development tools that allow administrators to create wizards and icons which are organization specific.

This section describes the following toolbars:

The Caption is located across the top of the Aptify Desktop. It displays the user's name and the name of the Aptify server to which the user is connected.



Using the Quick Access Toolbar

The buttons on the Quick Access toolbar provide common functions. Note that the result of clicking one of these buttons may vary depending on the item currently selected within the Aptify Desktop client. In other words, the action is different depending on whether you have an application, service, folder, or view currently selected.

The Quick Access toolbar is located to the right of the Aptify button at the top left of the Desktop. The Quick Access toolbar buttons, from left to right, are described in the table below:

Quick Access Tool bar

Toolbar Button

Selected Item



Service, View, or Folder

Displays a new record for that service.


Application, Service, or Folder

Expands a list of the next level unless the list is already expanded.



Opens the selected record in a view.



Prints the view currently displayed in the main display window.

Print Preview


Opens a print preview of the view currently displayed in the main display window.



Cuts, copies, or pastes a selected view in the Folder List.

Folder List


Hides or shows the Folder List.



Goes to the main Aptify dashboard.

Move up one level


Moves up one level on the list.



Replace the current display with the previous display.



Replaces the current window, form, or display, with the view shown after the current one.

Go To


Displays list of prior selections. Choose an entry in the drop-down to reload that selection in the Display Window.



Refresh the current view.



Open the Applications dialog to add or remove applications to/from your profile.

Using the Applications Toolbar

When enabled, the Applications toolbar displays an icon for each application that is in your profile. Click an icon to load that application's dashboard in the Display Window. The Application toolbar is enabled through the Ribbon's context menu. See Using the Ribbon Context Menu for more details.

Applications Toolbar

Using the Display Window Toolbars

The Display Window toolbars are context sensitive and include a number of tools and wizards. Each of these buttons also displays a ToolTip that identifies the button's name when you place the mouse cursor over it.

The Display Window toolbars are described in the following sections:

Service Toolbar

The following buttons are available in the Display Window Toolbar when a Service is selected in the Folder List:

Service -Toolbar

Toolbar Button


Create View

Displays the Create View dialog box.

Connect to Shared Folder

Opens the Connect to Shared Folder dialog. See Connecting to a Shared View Folder for more information.

Service/View Properties

Opens the Service Properties dialog for the selected service (if no view is selected); this dialog displays general information about the service, such as the fields it contains, recent activity and deleted records. Clicking this button opens the View Properties dialog if a view icon is selected in the Service Display Window.


Deletes the selected view.

Find Items

Displays the Find dialog box. See Using the Find Dialog for details.

Refresh Window

Refreshes the current window, retrieving up-to-the-second data from the database.

View Toolbar

The following buttons are available in the Display Window Toolbar when a View appears in the Display Window:
View Toolbar

Toolbar Button


New Record

Opens a new record in the current service.

Open Record

Opens the selected record.

Delete Record(s)

Deletes the selected record or records.

View Properties

Displays the View Properties dialog box.

Report Wizard

Activates the Report wizard to assist in the creation and printing of reports.

Find Items

Displays the Find dialog box. See Using the Find Dialog for details.

Add Record(s) to List

Open the Aptify List Selection dialog to add records from the displayed view to the selected list. See Adding Records in Bulk from a View for more information.

Export to Excel

Launches the Excel Integration Wizard to export the contents of the view to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. See Using the Excel Integration Wizard for details.


A preview button appears in a view toolbar if the current service supports a list view preview pane. See Using the List View Preview Pane for details.

Refresh View

Reruns the current view and retrieves up-to-the-second data from the database.

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