Opening an Existing Record Form

You can open existing records from a view or using the Find dialog, as described in the following sections:

Note Concerning Resizing Forms

When a user resizes a form in Aptify, this can hide one or more fields (particularly when the form's height is modified). However, form template administrators can add a scroll bar to a form when fields exist beyond the current visible area. A user can then use the scroll bar to view hidden fields or resize the form as necessary to view all fields in the visible area. If the form is resized to the appropriate width and height to fit the hidden fields, the scroll bar no longer displays. See Displaying Scroll Bars When Form Is Resized for details.

Opening a Record from a List View

Follow these steps to open an existing record from a view:

  1. Open a view and expand hierarchies as necessary.
  2. Double-click a record displayed within the view. This can be either a top-level record or any sub-record that appears in a hierarchical list.
    • Aptify opens the corresponding form for that record. 

See Using the Preview Pane, for a list of additional methods for opening a record from a view.

Opening a Record Using the Find Dialog

Follow these steps to open an existing record using the Find dialog:

  1. Do one of the following to open the Aptify Find dialog:
    • In the Folder List, right-click the service you want to search and select Find Items from the pop-up menu.
    • Click the Find icon found in the service and view toolbars for the service that you want to search.
  2. Enter search criteria to find the desired record.
  3. If your search returns one result, then that record opens. If your search returns multiple records, a new view window opens that displays the results. Double-click a record in that window to open it.


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