Using the Help Button

Click the Help button or use the keyboard shortcut, F1, to access online help for this service. Note that the online help may display the introduction page if a specific page has been specified for this service.

Note Concerning Documentation

The online help launched from the Help button is does not contain the latest user information on Aptify. The most up-to-date information related to the entire suite of Aptify products, including release notes and other documentation, is available only on the Aptify Product Knowledge site.


In addition, if you want more information about a specific field, you can access the tool tip help window by placing your cursor in the desired field and pressing Shift+F1 on the keyboard. A pop-up window appears that provides information about the selected field (if available).

Aptify can be configured to display the information about the selected field automatically when a user hovers over the desired field (eliminating the need to use the Shift+F1 keyboard shortcut). See Modifying User Login Preferences for more details.


Field Level Help

To open the main online help window from the tool tip, click the Open Help File link.

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