Defining the Advanced Find Dialog Fields

Aptify's advanced Find dialog allows a user to define multiple filters statements based on different fields within a service. This topic describes how to define fields in the advanced Find Dialog.

By default, the Results tab displays a list of fields for the matching records as determined by your administrator. However, you can modify which fields appear within the search results to help you identify the record to select.

Click the Fields tab within the Find dialog to display the list of available fields in the current service. The Show column is selected for the fields that will appear in the Results list. To remove a field from the Results tab, clear the field's Show option. To display the field in the Results tab, select a field's Show option.

After selecting the fields to display, click the Find button to load or update the Results tab.

Note that for find operations initiated from a link box, the field value that will be displayed in the link box must be selected in the Find dialog's Fields list. For example, if populating a Ship To person on an order, the NameWCompany field must be displayed in the Find results in order to successfully load the selected person to the Ship To field (since the field displayed in the link box is the person's NameWCompany).


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