Creating a New Message Part

Users can save the current contents of a message as a message part that can be added to other bulk messages in the future. Follow these steps to save the current message as a reusable Message Part:

  1. Navigate to 'Messaging Administration' application -> 'Message Parts' service. 
  2. Open a new record from the Message Parts service.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for the message part.
  4. Select the Type of Message Part.
    • Standard: this option is selected by default. Standard message parts are based on fields that exist only in the current message source. For example, a message part for the Persons service could display the person's default address.
    • Script: message parts that include information derived from outside the current message source can be set up using a Visual Basic.NET script. For example, a message part for the Persons service could display the order history for that person as a formatted list.
    • Component: this option specifies that the message part uses the object specified on the Component tab. 
  5. Enter the category for the Message Part in the Category field.
  6. If you want this part to be visible to all users in the Messaging dialog's Insert Part window, leave the Allow Everyone box checked. To limit access to this part to specific users and/or groups, follow these steps:
    • Remove the check mark from the Allow Everyone box.
    • Add the users and groups who should have access to this part under the Group Permissions and User Permissions tabs. Any user or group that has a sub-type record under one of these tabs will be able to add the part to a message. 
  7. If you want this part to be available system wide, select Global from the Availability drop-down menu. If you want to limit access to this part to a set of Message Sources, select MessageSource and defined Message Source records on the Message Source tab.
    • When selecting a Message Part in the Messaging dialog, a part will only be available if its Availability is Global or if its Availability is MessageSource and the current message source is specified on the part record's Message Sources tab.
    • Also note that a user's ability to select a particular part in the Messaging dialog depends upon the part's availability as well as on the user's access permissions.

  8. Save and close the record.

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