About the Advertising Unit Definitions Form

Advertising Unit Definitions records define whether a unit is a character, word or line. Unit definitions determine which characters are counted, how many characters make up a word on average, or how many characters make up a line. These definitions are used to evaluate text in the submitted ad caption text box and return a unit count that is used to calculate the price of the ad caption.


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Advertising Unit Definitions record.

General Tab


The Name field contains the name of the unit definition.


The Description field contains a brief description of the unit definition.


Type indicates what type of unit definition this record defines. Options include Character, Word, and Line.

Type Parameter String

This field is for entering the parameters that are ultimately used when the classified advertisement text is calculated. These parameters along with the type, determine how to count the text entered in the Ad Caption text box of the Insertion Orders form. The syntax for word and character types differ from the syntax for line types.

  • Character: no parameter required in this field if Type is set to Character
  • Word: Definition=Distinct|Separators=Standard
  • Line: MaxCharsPerLine=25|Rounding=Up

Unit Definition Object

The Unit Definition Object field is used when the standard unit definitions in the product are different from what an organization requires. Use the object icon to locate the new unit definition component that contains the unit definition class from the Aptify Object -Repository. Refer to the Aptify Software Development Kit (SDK) or contact an Aptify representative for more information about creating this object.

Unit Definition Assembly

The .NET assembly name for the organization-specific object specified in the Unit Definition Object field.

Unit Definition Class

Insert the application and class name of the unit definition object. This class calculates the number of units for the given text instead of the standard unit definition class.


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