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This topic provides information on using the Advertising Management add-on application in Aptify version 6.0 and contains the following sub-topics:

Some articles in this section display content specific to the Smart Client application, as not all the functionality is currently available in the Aptify Web application.

Advertising sales is a major revenue source for many organizations. Aptify handles advertising management for a number of mediums ranging from banner sales on websites to display and classified advertisements in publications and newsletters.

All advertising insertion orders are linked to orders in the Aptify Order Entry system. This close relationship allows users to enter multiple types of transactions for multiple publications and to set up payment schedules without leaving the Advertising Management environment.

In Advertising Management, rate cards are a tool for managing advertising prices according to the color, size, position, and frequency of the advertisement. It is by selecting various combinations of these features on a Rates record that defines a price.

An organization may offer discounts to advertisers who commit to a number of insertion orders on their advertising contracts. An organization may also penalize an advertiser who commits to a number of insertion orders on their contract to gain the discount but try to default on the contract before they have fulfilled their commitment.

The "advertising option" feature in the Advertising Management allows customers to purchases additional advertising options when placing an order for an advertisement. Additional advertising options, which are most often advertising related products, can be added through the creation of options products in the Products service. Advertising Management includes one such option product called a blind box. A blind box provides advertisers a means of contacting them without publishing their contact information in the content of the published advertisement. Other option products can be configured to meet the needs of each organization's business practice.

Sales representatives earn commissions by selling advertisements, and the Commission & Royalty Management application is a tool for smoothly managing those commissions. Advertising Management and Commission & Royalty Management work seamlessly together to track the sales commissions on advertising products.



The Advertising Management application is an add-on module for Aptify 6.x. An additional license is required to access this module. Your user needs a license to the Advertising module in order to access Advertising data in Aptify. Contact your system administrator for assistance.


About the Advertising Services

This list displays the services that comprise Advertising Management as well as the application in which they are located. The applications listed are the default locations for the services. If the service is not available on your system, in the listed application, please contact your system administrator. A complete listing of services and applications are available in About the Applications and their Services and About the Services and their Applications.



Advertising Blind Boxes

Advertising Management

Advertising Color Codes

Advertising Management

Advertising Contracts

Advertising Management

Advertising File Types

Advertising Management

Advertising Frequency Codes

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Advertising Insertion Orders

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Advertising Options

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Advertising Position Codes

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Advertising Price Override Reasons

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Advertising Product Sections

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Advertising Rate Cards

Advertising Management

Advertising Size Codes

Advertising Management

Advertising Unit Definitions

Advertising Management


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