About the Advertising Rate Cards Form

Advertising Rate Cards records maintain information concerning rates charged to advertisers for specific advertising products. One rate card tracks different rates charged for various colors, sizes, and placement of advertisements for a specific product.


Top Panel

Product (required)

Enter the advertising product for this rate card. Only products of an advertising product category can be entered or selected in this field. Saving the Rate Cards record locks down the information in this field.

Currency Type (required)

The Currency Type field indicates the currency for which the rates associated with rate card are based. This field links to the Currency Types service.


It is possible that multiple rate cards may exist in your system for the same advertising product. For example, you may have a different rate card in effect for each new year. Enter information in the description field to help distinguish between different rate cards that apply to the same advertising product.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to Advertising Rate Cards record. The Attachments tab is enabled after the Advertising Rate Cards record is saved.

Deadlines Tab

Each publication product issue requires a Deadlines record to indicate the last date an order can be taken for the issue and the date the advertisement materials are required by the advertising department.

General Tab

Start Date (required)

The start date is the date when the rate card becomes activated. The current date is the default.

End Date (required)

The end date is the date when the rate card is no longer available.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Rate Cards record.

Agency Discount

The agency discount is the discount percentage given on insertion orders that use an advertising agency. The agency discount entered here displays in the Percent of Discount field on Advertising Insertion Orders record if the agency fields on the advertising contract are populated.

The insertion order only uses agency discount information if the related Advertising Contracts record contains information in its agency-related fields. 

If the agency fields are not populated in the contract, related insertion orders do not populate their Percent of Discount fields, even if the Agency Discount field contains information in the rate card.

Status (required)

Enter the status of this rate card. Options are Active or Closed. Active is the default.

Rates Tab

The Rates tab lists Rates records. Each Rates record specifies the price of an advertisement, based on printing color, advertisement size, advertisement frequency, and where it is positioned in the publication. Each combination of these four factors makes up a single Rates record. Additionally, Advertising Product Sections are defined on the Advertising Product Sections tab for Rates records that apply to classified advertisements. All Rates records for a specific publication product for a specific year are gathered together on the Rates tab of a single Advertising Rate Cards record.


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