Using the ePayment Capture Wizard

Automate ePayment Captures

Aptify 5.5.5 adds the ability to schedule the capture of ePayments automatically. See Scheduling ePayment Capturing for more details.


When a Merchant Accounts record is defined as AuthOnly, the payments for those orders are authorized but funds will not be transferred. For AuthOnly payments, it is necessary to capture these authorized payments using the ePayment Capture wizard.

Follow these steps to run the wizard:

  1. Create or open a view of records in the Payments service to display payments that have been authorized and whose corresponding orders have shipped.
  2. Click the ePayment Capture Wizard icon in the toolbar to launch the ePayment Capture wizard.
    • You can also right-click within the view and select Payments Options > Capture Electronic Payments to launch the ePayment Capture wizard.
    • Note that the ePayment Capture wizard is not available for SQL based temporary views.

      ePayment Capture Wizard Icon
  3. Review the information on the Welcome screen and click Next to continue.

    ePayment Capture Wizard Welcome Page
  4. Review the set of payments that qualify for capture and the payments that do not qualify.
    • The payments that qualify for capture are displayed on the Payments to Capture tab. A payment qualifies for capture if:
      • The payment status is posted.
      • The payment has been previously authorized by a merchant account.
      • The payment is linked to an order that has shipped.
    • Excluded payments are listed on the Payments to Exclude tab. This includes:
      • Payments that have not been previously authorized by a merchant account.
      • Payments with a Payment Status other than Posted.
      • Authorized payments linked to orders that have not yet shipped.
      • Payments that have previously been captured.
      • Refund payments (they do not require a capture operation and can be processed in a Payments batch immediately).
      • Authorized payments that require review due to a fraud filter. In this case, the payment has been authorized but cannot be captured until the transaction is approved with the merchant account (such as on PayPal's Web site).

        Payments Qualified for Capture
  5. After reviewing the payments to capture, click Next.
    • This page explains the capture process and the requirements for successfully capturing the available payments.

       Explanation of Payment Capture
  6. Click Next to begin processing the payments.
    • After all payments have been processed, the wizard displays a page listing the captured payments. The Payments not Captured tab lists any payments not captured as well as the reason for the capture failure.

      If a capture fails because an authorization has expired, delete the existing payment and create a new one to reauthorize it so it can be successfully captured.


       Capture Results

  7. Click Finish to complete the ePayment Capture wizard.
    • For each payment processed by the wizard, Aptify adds a second record to the payment's Authorizations tab that stores information about the payment's capture.  

      Payment with Capture Authorizations Record
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