Setting Up Multi-Entity Organizations

Each entity within the organization should be set up with a separate Organizations record. The Organizations service tracks individual entities, as well as hierarchical information about the organizational structure using the Parent link to identify a parent organization. The following example demonstrates how the Parent field is used to designate which organization is the parent of the other.

  1. The first Organizations record is the organizationm which is at the highest level. In this example, the name of the organization is Associated Parent. Note that it does not have any data in the Parent field. This indicates that it is at the top level of the organizational structure.
     Associated Parent Organization Record
  2. The second Organizations record in this example is the Associated Child. Note that it has the Associated Parent record listed in the Parent field to indicate that while it is a separate entity, it is also part of the organizational structure under the Associated Parent.
     Associated Child Organization Record
  3. On the Accounting tab for all organizations created in the multi-entity system, select the Generate Inter-Company Entries option. This option must be selected on all relevant Organizations records.
     Organization Tab on Organizations Record
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